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I'm a Chinese.maybe we can be friends .
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Before the dynasty Song, Chinese are polite,gentle and brave. They have a spirit be called "Shi Dafu" which similar to "Noble spirit" or "Chivalry".But when Song was displaced by Yuan dynasty, lots of "Shi Dafu" was killed. People who weakness and bad faith have a greater possibility survival in shed blood. From then on, the "Shi Dafu" spirit began to ebb.
Fortunately, Chinese people is getting back it again now.
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I am Chinese live in Chengdu
I am Chinese. I live in Chengdu.
I have to say that you are so naive and young. Mao is not the one who saved this country from invaders because Jiang had done that before Mao. Just tell me, who Led Chinese to fight with Japan during World war 2? It was Jiang, not Mao. What map have done was to steal the whole country from others.
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I am a chinese.I am very happy when i see there R too many people R friendly to china .And i want to say i am pound as a chinese though some chinese sometimes R impolite and even sometimes litter .But we will change .


i am a Chinese would u want to make friends

Maybe my words will not be seen by many people ,but i really want to show you my opinions.

i am a chinese with bad grammars,i am sorry about it.

china is poor?i don't think so.First ,i'd like to show you a concept:in china ,we usually divide it to 3 parts.they're:the western(poorest and has the most minority groups),the middle(Moderately well-off)and the eastern(richest and 97%Han majority).i and my classmates thought the most richest provinces in the mainland(like Jiangsu,Shanghai,Zhejiang,Fujian,Guangdong) has the same economic as delevoped countries.some people in the minority groups are not happy with that,so they try to independent.the most famous peole among those might be Dalai who wons Nobel Peace Prize.i think they're stupid.

yes, china is a socialists country.but we'd rather call her “The state of socialism with special features”.It was invented by Deng Xiaoping,you might see him on the cover of Times in 1978.so ,we have implemet Market economy and opening up to the outside world,that's why you can see products made in china all over the world.

Do we have no democracy? Not like that, we can vote for local officials, and then by local officials to the election of representatives elected leaders, we don't like your reason for universal suffrage is we have too many workers and peasants, the competitor if leaders promised the same social welfare for farmers and citizens, or to improve crop prices, even the abolition of public ownership of land for farmers enjoy not cooperative, then he will be very easy to win the election.

I would love to be friends with you, and I hope you can discuss it with me

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wherever people form they are different

nobody is exactly a chinese or japanese or english right?

just try to respect them and be true,different people being togther is interesting!

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