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In my view, Chinese people are hardworking and Intelligent.

deepa Chinese people is peaceful, hardworking and easily contented. They respect elders, love children and are patient with their fellows. Chinese in general are reserve and humble. They believe in harmony and never look for confrontation.

I'm a Chinese. According to all that I saw and heard in my life, I agree to all points deepa's remark shows.

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We love Chinese people an food in America. But you sound funny over here. Sounds like Ying yang Yung mung you.

Like it is said, every one of us is unique, we just have to develop that uniqueness. But what concerns all Chinese people...They are like others people of different nationalities, but their culture is definitely unique. They have also a particular mentality: they are extremely hardworking and they really appreciate the wisdom and ancient traditions. One of the most important features of traditions and mentality is also an etiquette, that is why they say that "Chinese more concerned with "face" than other people" and the Chinese are known to the world for their politeness as well as for good manners. I'm not an expert about all of that, but it is one of such topics that are really interesting and should be learned more exactly.

Hi guys! This post is really interesting with interesting questions about Chinese people, but I am afraid that I know not so much information about them to write a reply. But I am sure that Chinese people are good as well as all others!

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I am a Chinese and come to the United States with VPN. Chinese communication is very complicated. It takes a long time to tell. My English is not very good, I'm sorry.

Every nation is unique, every has its identity. Chinese have a lot of cultural features that make them outstanding.

I am a chinese,china is very peaceful,we are not permitted taken the gun。

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Hi to everyone right here! To be honest, I do not have Chinese people among my friends, but I hope that I will get acquainted with some of them in the nearest time. And I am completely sure that I will not be disappointed by these people, because they are friendly!

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