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ı am a chınese and the sayıng ıs not that case. ıt means a lot of people get together wıll make thıngs much easıer.

Thank you for allowing me to speak here. I am a native Chinese, in fact, I have a variety of views about my people and my compatriots as well as others. First of all, the Chinese nation is actually a strong nation. Because of the long history of China, every one of us is full of respect for the land we live in and for our ancestors.Secondly, we don't like foreign people talking about our country's politics and people's life. Because we all need to manage our own affairs, every Chinese has his own ideal, which has nothing to do with anyone or any political party. Finally, foreign media slandered the persecution of Uighurs by Chinese people, and made false news, because Uighurs are a part of Chinese people, and there is no long-term historical contradiction between all ethnic groups. At this point, I hope that China will prosper and people of all countries will live together on an equal footing.

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yes they are very unique, and they are more disciplines

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