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As you say chinese are changeable,it's true ,i don't know the distance between one generation to another,but it's obviously to find they are different,
people live in different cities have different life level, they r fashionable,they could be nuts for there idols, especially in modern cites, there are so many concerts,vocal concerts,so the young generations are crazy over them. even the olds, really
Chinese also are romantic, like taking a walk outside with an umbrella, and hand in hand in the rain.
Chinese are friendly , not only Chinese, so do other countries people.
I remember once in Germany when carried a heavy kackage from subway platform to the up train platform, there was something wrong with the lift, i can not deal with it .a middleaged woman came along and helped me, thanks for her, though i didi't know her.
so , all of you are pleased to help others.right?
Nowadays, a lot of foreigners come to China ,they like her, the beautiful sights .the ardent people. of cause delicious foods, em really taste good, come here ,you will find it's amazing.
I don't think of the Chinese who live abroad are real Chinese, Those only have oriental faces! If you wanna understand the real Chinese , then go to China youself please!
Chinese born abroad?Native Chinese
There are many differences between them.
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The chinese where ever they are they follow their way of living partly and try to do them in the same manner. I have friend in US who is a chinese and he does the same Methodologies awhich are done by his grandfathers who lived in china.
I have nothing against them but many seem to prefer to stick to their own 'kind', so they come off as a little snobby to me. From what I can tell though, they seem ambitious and hard working.
Are the Chinese more concerned with "face" than other people?
What do you mean by "face"?
I can tell you about what I have observed in my country, Chinese groups of inmigrants have
arrived during the last 15 years. They are absolute unknown people to us, because they don´t mix much with the rest of the spanish citizens.They rule their restaurants, their bargain shops and lately their clothes shops... I find amazing your culture, but we cannot get much first hand information. These people learn our language so quickly that it is incredible!, sometimes I think that if I had to learn chinese, I could not ever learn it as such speed.

The isolation of these groups towards the rest of the civilians have given out thousands of 'black legends', such as that there have not been a single defunction of a single chinese in our country in years and that´s what statistics refer, so people tend to invent many things,
but I think that everything is because everything remains a complete mistery for most of us.
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I should say Chinese ethinity has a strong sence of adjustability to strange cultural surrounding.
guset on 12-12-2004 11:36 AM

You must appologize to me for the word "snobby"!

My post doesn't implicate any discriminate at all!
Floral, I was just expressing what impression they give me. As I mentioned before, I have nothing against Chinese people. At the end of the day, I know I could very well be mistaken. I'm sorry if I caused any offence, but also, I think you need to learn to take criticism a little better, and think about what people are saying to you, instead of automatically becoming defensive at the first sign of negativity towards something that you're a part of. What do you think about my comment? Is there any truth in it at all, from your point of view? (Forget the word "snobby" right now, what I'm asking you is, do you think that, in general, the Chinese do tend to stick to eachother? Or do you think that they mix well with others?) If you feel even the tiniest fraction of agreement, then maybe you can understand why I got that impression. Like I said, it probably is just a cultural misunderstanding, so maybe you could clear that up for me?
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It is meaningless to answer those questions about Chinese character.
It's none of my business.
It's just that I presented a fact.
I don't want to discuss this any more!
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