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Floral, if this discussion bothers you so much, just ignore it. There are other people here who want to discuss it, and there's nothing wrong with that.

P.S. Even if they are judging by the Chinese who live abroad, they might still have grown up in China, and living abroad doesn't make them any less Chinese than you!
I think Chinese are conservative and hard-working. They are not so open to the outside world so they might stick to their own 'kind'.

Strangely one of my professor thinks that Chinese are crafty.

"face" means Chinese care what they look like in others' eyes.
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I really sympathize with those foreign experts and students who come to the English Corner. As soon as they arrive there, Chinese students would rush forward to begin a press conference. Anyway, those students are just want to better their English.

To a Chinese, the relation with the others is much more important than what individual does. This might be caused by the culture of collectivism.
There is no need to argue about whether Chinese are snobbish or not.

To Floral: If the comment make you feel unpleasant, please think it over before you make any response. Those unpleasant comments always have some truth in it. Please face it bravely and make progress, rather than not to hear it at all.
Thats correct Ruthhao what ever we say through this forums are been to all those who are out there in the world.

I think that the chinese people are the best persons for there courage and brave acts. They are also the persons who are our neighbour and so we know about them very well...
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chinese people are pretty good a math, generally smart, and hard working. they have a pretty strict culture compared to me. i have a few friends whos parents are from china, and they are never allowed to do anything, not to mention they are very hard workers.
Could I please ask why an apology for using the word "snobby" should be made? I ask this question because I believe that if we live in a democratic society, then its individual members should have the right to voice their opinions, no matter how "politically incorrect" they might seem. Something else which should be borne in mind, I believe, is the fact that not every member of society has had a university education, nor have a large number of people even been to secondary school. If we are to adhere diligently to a set of "politically correct" rules, then I believe a large number of people will be excluded from having an opinion because of their inability to express themselves "correctly". If they cannot express themselves within "politically correct" constraints, does this invalidate their opinion?
Floral asking for an apology is only due her own hurt feelings, I think. She does not intend to forbid others to speak out their opinions and she can't.

I wonder whether she uses the right way to express her love to her country. But if you relate an individual behavior to a democratic society, it sounds like making a fuss. (Sorry if I talk too straight, I don't mean to offend you.)
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I think that the next generation of Chinese kids are going to rebel against their strict culture and become complete good-for-nothing pothead slobs who sit around all day getting fat and watching soap operasEmotion: smile (just joking!!)
It seems that some are getting a little offended with others placing negative stereotypes on them...how come it hasn't annoyed anyone when people have said that they are good at math and stuff like that? Isn't that also a stereotype?
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