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I think some of Chinese are very snobby, that is true. I don't want to say any thing bad on Chinese people, I just want to tell something that I know. Some of my school mates here who come form China are very crafty. I mean, it depends on indivaduals. But they really do make me and my friends feel in that way. Sometimes they lie to us, even to proffesors, probably just want to make themselves look better in our American eyes. (Now I know that is because of 'face') (we really dislike those people who always lie, I mean, no matter where they come from). And I feel like, they don't like each other that much, I mean, Chinese people and chinese people. So wired to me.

But, there's no doubt that they are really really hard-working. Actually I really like Chinese people, even though sometimes they are hard to understand.

PS. I can speak Chinese very well, and I can write in Chinese, very well I think, because I have lived there for a very long time. (Beijing) About 8 or 9 years. I went into elementary school, middle school and high school in China. Now I back to States.
i agree that generally speaking chinese are quite crafty people..i am speaking as someone who is hal chinese wife...hehe,,,but thats alos a kind of practicality.chinese people have had very oppressive rulers gistorically,lots of secrecy,famine....much hardship...

It just depends..but overal .generally..i would say chinese are hard working, very focused on outward forms and face, prosperity..loking good to others is important in chinese culture..thats not a bad thing..but it sometimes has too much importance and sometimes htey are rude about peoles appearence etc...its
i also disagre with you that chineseare spiritual.
there is very deep feeling in chinese people..that only a person who knows chinese sowell can see.and after long time....maybe thats why outside they protectthemselves so much

but that is not same as spiritual,
that is the wrong word..they are spiritual in practise but not in their thinking...you are very unlikely to meet a modern chinese who knows about their religous tradtitions...

most of al chinese are practical..tyhey know how to survive and excel in hard times.

overall chinese peole have some marvelous qualities justas other cultures too...
A good person will have the best of the chinese qualities, a bad person the worst...
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I have a Chinese co-worker and I have found him to be the most respectful person that I have ever met. He is more than just a co-worker to me , he is a dear and trusted friend. I am 6'5" and he is 4'10" but he still casts a greater shadow than me. I wish I had more Chinese friends but dont want to impose on their privacy.
i think i'm half chinese because when i was little i don't have enough blood so i think those doctor in china gave me some chinese people blood plus i was born there(hong kong)
i think chinese people are smart n phave alots of patient. my friend often say i'm little miss smartie pant. i'm a teacher pet but some how manage to get lots of A's and still popular
i luv that taiwanese star alyssa chi she i8s so cute i also kinda luv ruby lin and vicki zhoa aren't they adorable
I am discussing a linguistic law in 'Linguistic Discussion Forum'. It will show you the difference of the Chinese and British. The law is simple like this: We know that the computer use only two codes to describe the whole universe. Can people using two phonetic symbols, for instance A and B to describe the world too? Definitely, they can. The only different is that the expressing speed may be very slow. If a language has 400 different phonetic patterns (PP), supposing there are only 400 different things waiting to be expressed. The 400 PP speaker can easily use each phonetic pattern to indicate each of those different things. While the two phonetic patterns' speaker, some times has to use nine phonetic patterns to express one of those different things, for 222222222>440. Just imaging, English say correspondingly, the two phonetic patterns' speaker perhaps must say . While, what if the 400PP speaker gives out four to five phonetic patterns in one second? We not say a faster expressing language is a smart language, but obviously it is a language with faster thinking speed. The reason is that as our thinking system is a sort of 'speaking in mind' so a faster expressing system means a faster thinking speed. Just imaging, 400PP speaker using 5250=1250msec to finish a sentence, at the end, what is in his mind is the idea of this sentence. While at the same time the two phonetic patterns' speaker gets only one ninth of the same idea. From psychology we know that a word like is much harder to remember than. So the linguistics law is that when the phonetic patterns increased in a language, the thinking speed and vocabulary-in-mind of the speakers would be increased also, vice versa. The current Chinese Mandarin has roughly 1200 PP while the English has roughly half of the size. It will make a big different of this two speakers.
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The chinese people of the present generation are much in their need to learn their historycal activities, donig so will lead them to save their heritage.

chineese folks are workaholics..atleast the ones i have encountered

some chineese girls are hot!Emotion: big smile
Guest! You cant just say like this in the forums that those from a particular place is Hot or any thing as it is seen by all
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Hi, i'm chinese, but i was born in canada and you could even say my first language is English. I'm one those people who seem to be "white-washed". It is true, chinese people are hard working and crafty. In my opinion, chinese people (not all!) tend to be more quiet and reserved because they feel alienated from the dominant ethnic group. How do i know? Personal experience. I know i look different, so trust me!
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