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Good evening everyone ,i am a chinese ,when i saw what you said about chinese i think i must say something .As a chinese , i think i have a responsibility to let people know us chinese and our culture .Chinese is the same with other people , we are not mystic . And why you think Chinese is mystic and difficult to understand , because you don't know our culture and our people ,just as we think foreighers are strange and difficult to understand sometimes .In addition ,i think maybe because in the movies ,in the eatern country many mystic things happened ,We have a long history about five thousand years ,in our country there are many interesting things ,some are impenetrable and we can explain in a scientific way.So maybe in some people's mind , We are mystic and strange .But in fact , we are the same with you ,we have many advantages and weaknesses .

Chinese is hard working ,humility,(we believe hunility make people progress and pretension make droping behind).smart We respect elders,love our children and family,……And we are normal people ,we have our weakness such as snobbery …….Things have two sides .So i think all peole must judge others in a normal way and try to understand others .

Chinese are very friendly ,so if you want to understand Chinese ,come to China and we will give you a satisfactory answer .Forgive me poor english.
Hello everybody,

As a Chinese, I would like to invite all the people come to China and take a look yourselves. Seeing is believing.

As you may know, Chinese culture was not well understood by other people mainly due to their lack of communication and their wrong comprehension of Chinese history. If you know how many people in China, you would totally understand what situation we are currently facing. Not everybody has the opportunity to go to school, even primary school, this does happen. Not everybody owns private car, even television, this does happen. We are developing, we need understanding! Should we give priority to improving living environment or establishing more school? Or other aspects? We trust our government, we trust ourselves, we trust you are going to see a brand new China that you've never thought it could be.

There are 1.3 billion Chinese people, namely there are 2.6 billion hands. Can you feel the power of 2.6 billion hands? Don't forget, they are hard-working hands.
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Hi there. So happy to find lots of people talking about my motherland and our culture.I think it's natural to hear different voice here.At least it means you are paying attention to China, Chinese & our culture.

I am a native Chinese, working at an American trade company in China.One day, I forwarded some outing pictures of mine to a colleague in U.S.A. She was terrific surprised that there were so many beautiful natural scenics in China.She said she pictured China to be very different than I told her. She thought China was very crowded with traffic,buildings & people...ect.She said she also was not sure Chinese had kayak in the river or not?? I can't say any words about it,due to I know she hasn't been to China ans isn't understand China.

I am not surprised most of foreigners feel strange & mysterious to China.Just like I also feel strange to some other countries.

Chinese are hard-working, I can't agree more ! But I must admit it's not for everybody.At the same time I meet lots of colleages & foreign suppliers from all over the world, most of them also are hard-working,in fact they are not Chinese.I remembered the French philosopher--Voltaire said "Work banishes those three great evils : boredom , vice, and poverty." I think not only Chinese would like to work hard & enjoy life.

Any way,I am proud of being the Chinese,I love my motherland,our centuries-old culture & all distillate things.

I am sorry I can't express fluently what I think in English.Hope can find some sincere friend in this forum.I am waiting for you.
I'm from Vietnam but I'm influenced by China .In my city, Chinese usually live in a community. Cholon is a big center of commerce in Vietnam.The thing I like most is the young girls Chinese. They are so smart.They can speak Vienamese, French, English and Chinese.I used to contemplate the nice girl Chinese playing piano. And the highest voice of the young girl Chinese in the church choir.Almost of us like to see Confus film. The favorite film star we like is the girl who plays the role of Hoan Chau princess Some children can seethis film from night to day in spite of their parents' warning.My children like to do Taekwondo because of the influence of these films. Chinese have the same appearance of Vietnamese.but they are more working than us.Their worshipslare very solemn. They are in diet many times in a month.We like the way they live .their moral life .Confucianism, Taoism and Budahism makethem easily similar to us.But one think I don't like most , they often have a lot of wives.

Phuong ninh
I am american , and i stay in china many years, i am a foreign teacher in china , there is only thing i want told you is chinese is very friendly,lovely and the very deligent,hard-working, also there are very smart , these people are very kind ,the like help each other , and they have the ambition to success , and the one more thing is all of chinese were very hated japanese, hate japan very deeply, if you have chinese friends ,Do not talking about japan!

(moderator note: I suspect this is not an American, at least not a native English speaking one.)

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Yesterday,a foreigner said he didn''t understand why Chinese are so insistent on Taiwan issue in CCTV (China Central Television),I think maybe it's the same question as why public raise outcry against some words and deeds of some Japanese & its government .

If you really know Chinese culture,you will find we would like to compare our motherland to a mother.and all provinces and Chinese are her children.Mother love all of her children,and thirst for the one of lost children will return her bosom.Politics have never interested me,but all of us know,as one of the Chinese,Taiwanese must return,and it's only our housewifery.I don't understand why some poeple & countries like to intervene in the internal affairs of other countries.

We always hope Japan will envisage history,we don't hate all japanese in fact,we are only indignant with some Japanese & power government about tortuous history.On my opinion, I enjoy Germany,due to its government and people can envisage history and also know how to remedy the existent fault. I don't konw why Japan can't do it.

Anyway,I pray for reunification,pray for all people can envisage & remedy their fault,also pray for health,peace...
All of your impression about Chinese seem very different but I feel something is very truthful. One day, I helped my daughter to do homework, I saw a new word Mondialisation. I don't understand clearly , but I like this way. It's remind me a picture;If the young take their hands, they will make a big bridge throughout the world . And if all of us are hand in hand, we make a round around the world.That's very interesting! I appreciate highly the intelligence. Who does better to our life is the most favorite . I like Bill Gate with his computer.It's make me have the chance to meet you. I appreciate highly the technique of Japanese. they help my district; to develop into a region of green forests , in order to keep clean air, environment to avoid the disaster.[ As you see waves tidy, flood, earthquake H5n virus,.....] And a lot of instruments, machines, equipments, tools of China with a low price give me the chance to access with new media, with internet,a thing that I've never thought before. There is a discrimination about a lot of thing , between two regions, two races, two sexes, ....But If you believe to the future, you will be happy.Every body should live in a meaningful life and there is not the detestation. In my city, Chinese don't hate Japanese . All of them are respected because of their intelligence, their knowledges.

Phuong Ninh
Chinese people are very hard-working, and as a result - successful
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Chinese do have some bad problems,some even worse than you expect.I dislike snobby people,regardless of their origin.

I have a eldest brother do business.He will give the lowest officials lots of money rather than to our parents with the promise

that he will guarantee the lowest life level for our parents in the poorest rural town in China.

While I was struggling to earn some money to help my younger brother to finish the doctorial education, my second brother

said I would have been a hooker if I were a girl. The third brother would pay 100 times tuition for his sun to go to private

school than to be generous to our parents.

Thank god,my younger brother will be a anaesthetist after intership. I am sure to benefit from it.

I don't want to talk to those three brothers at all. But I do owe my parents.

While some Chinese so bad,some Chinese are very nice.

Chinese live under a very disgusting social system. China is filled with some disgusting people (not all of them). The

goverment is hooker. If a honest girl managed by a hooker years after years, is she going to be honest anymore?

Now, are you ready to share some shortcomings of yours?
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