Who is going to win the European Cup?
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Certainly not New Zeland!

It'll be between Italy, Spain and England although you can never count the Germans out. The French will always be there or thereabouts but not this time!

It's too early to predict, unlike England winning the rugby world cup.
Italy is my second favourite. Italian football players are so cute!
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Whatever turns you on Maj, whatever turns you on!
Lol. hey why do you always misinterpret my words! I was talking about their football suits?. They are always the most elegant by far.
'I was talking about their football suits?'

Football kits or football shirts. Football suits don't exist.
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Thanks. What about football equipment?
What about football equipment?

Things like:

goal post
football boots
football shorts
football socks
football studs
passive offside (women love learning that rule!!!)
half-way line
throw in
red card
The kiwis are terrible at soccer. We've been to the world cup once in 1982 (Spain) and got kicked back home in the first stages. I'm not even sure if it's professional yet or still a hobby on the weekend. Rugby was pretty much like that until a few years ago. The ones that won the world cup had to go back to work on Monday...
This time WHEN we win it, it will be a different story! (I noticed those incorrect comments you threw in their Chris!)
Soccer in Europe... does Malta have a chance at all?Emotion: smile
I think this year it will be either England or Italy winning the European SOCCER cup that is!
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