As you all know, HK is a part of China already.
So what do you guys think about this city?
Serious air pollution?
Beauty night view?
Just let me know more.

I plan to work as a part-time tour guide this summer.
I would like to bring the tourists to tour around in small group,
I can lead tourists from different countries,
such as Europe, US, China, Taiwan, etc.
You know tour guide from travel agency will bring tourists to some place which is moreexpensive,
but I'm a typical city girl,
of course I can bring tourists to go shopping at a lower prices.

that's why I wanna know what kind of places people wanna go
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I heard something about Hong Kong.

It's a beautiful city but crowded.

A lot of high building around there.

It's a quick-step life.
About Hong Kong , I often heard about crowd city , Disney land and land of shopping for tourist .
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Hi Kakathy

There are more people in Hong Kong than there are in Finland, yet Hong Kong is just a fraction of Finland in area. I've been to Hong Kong twice. There's actually nothing wrong with Hong Kong that we can blame on the people. The fact that it is too small for such a large number of people is nobody's fault.

There are worse places, places where nothing works and no one knows their job. However, Hong Kong is not for a leisurely walk in the woods and a relaxing sauna evening on a serene lake when everything is so quiet that you can hear a cuckoo two miles away.

I didn't notice anything about pollution when I visited Hong Kong last year. I guess this is because it's either the same with my country, or it was considered okay. The city is modern, but it's not very comfortable walking around as it was crowded. Although Hong Kong's already a part of China, I noticed that people in Hong Kong and China weren't that united. I think prejudice still exist among them. In short, I had quite a good holiday there, so I think it's not a bad city.
HongKong is a good place for shopping, but not a good place for living, the place is too crowded and the living cost is just too high and someone had said that HongKong people are kind of crafty(of course i know it's a sterotyping, but there must be some reason behind this)

I'm planning to go to HongKong once before my graduation, hope HongKong will not let me down:)
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I don't think I'm crafty, Westlake.

(That said, be careful when you haggle with shop owners.) Emotion: smile
Don’t you think some too-high-too-thin skyscrapers sorta funny? I mean when you first eyed them
Hong Kong is a nice place for shopping. I live in Shenzhen so it is very convenient for my family to go shopping in Hong Kong.
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