Dear All,

There are many threads in this forum referring to different countries. So, I’m wondering what you know and think about my country, Hungary.

Thank you for your reply in advance
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Hi, Jupath! I think Budapest is one of the beautifulest cities of Europe! Also I know that you call yourselves Magyar. He-he I've got some issues of "Magyar Nemzet" at home! (Of course I can't read them Emotion: smile )
Hi Basil! Thanks for your reply! Judging from your lines you’ve already been in Hungary and you liked what you saw. It’s really great. Emotion: smile

Actually, I also have papers from abroad just for souvenir.
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Great music . Excellent stuffed quail. Enjoyed the steam baths at the Gellert. Walked past parliament to the centre from my hotel evey day I was there. No one believed me it was quite a walk. The first time I was at the Leget. Everyone was very friendly except the police. I didn' t know the system for buying underground tickets.
Thanks David! I’m glad that you enjoyed being in Budapest. Emotion: smile I’m sorry that you have no good experience with the underground. Sometimes the system is very difficult for Budapester as well. In my opinion it’s terrible, similar to the controllers. You must have been punished in the underground but, to tell you the truth, many inhabitants of Budapest are also punished. There are a lot of conflicts between controllers and travellers. Anyway, the whole system needs reform.
I had a Hungarian agent with me at the time and he apologized profusely for my ignorance. He met me on the platform so I assumed I needed no ticket. All is well that ends well. Must visit Hungary soon.
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I hope next time you’ll have a perfect travel. Emotion: smile
I've never been, but I think it's a beautiful country. I have a close friend who moved there as a missionary, so I'm learning more & more about the culture. I think it's extremely interesting.

red totalitarian power, which unfortunately still remains, since Rákosi (Róth Manó), Marosán, Apró, and other "nice" fellows got the power in 1947(more or less), thanks to the "blue ballot" system ant the salami tactics.
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