Hi Everybody !

I'm new and I wanna get to know many kind people. I'm 19 and I'm from Poland. But now I'd like to ask U about your favorite series.I'm really enjoy watching series. My favourite one is 'Prison Break' , I'm sure U know it Emotion: smile) What do U think about this and what sort of series U like ?Could U order any for me ?

Hello to Everyone.
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1-LOST is no.1





in movie series

1- pirates of the carebbean

**** of the rest
Anyone watches The O.C.?
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KolpiAnyone watches The O.C.?
I used to watch it;)but now I prefer much more CSI:P
Pucca, probably we have similar hobby etc. Which parts did you watch?
What do you mean by parts?
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just ....one ..............friends
PuccaWhat do you mean by parts?
Which seasons? 1,2,3?
I don't know which season it was!:P I only watched because I liked a character..Emotion: smile
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