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AnonymousOnly 4 or 5 Million of people really hates US,UK,Israel and fight with it.
Where did you find these numbers, Anon?
Hi,I'm an Iranian.Islamism in our country is very different.In Iran there's a radical Islamic government which more 80% of Iranian people want to change it but as you know it's a brutal regime which tortures rapes and executes everyone who opposes
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Anonymousas you know it's a brutal regime which tortures rapes and executes everyone who opposes
Yes we know. And God willing, they will get what they deserve.
You say the truth about the parties, just parties I know.
Dear,there is no such thing about gay people in Iran .nône of gay
People won't go to prison .it's completely accepted by the government more than people .they give special chance to gay guys not to go to military service .the others can have a surgery too and become a girl or a boy .even last year I saw a TV show about them for protecting them.but Iranian government dint want to shout about these things
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Killing someone is free!
Hi dear. i'm an iranian and im living in iran at the moment. i've got to tell u we're not monster.killing is not free here as other countries. It's a wrong stereotype that most people have about Iran. certainly we are limited in some ways, but it doesn't make us to stop acting what we like.... if u could speak Parsi or if i could speak in english more specialized, i would have more thing to say to make u clear in some ways...Emotion: smile
Hi dear.
I am iranian and i want to answer to your questions.
First iranian are Moslem but Iranians are not religious extremists.
Although the current government in Iran is an Islamic state but a lot of people are opposed to their country's policies.
Iran has a glorious history. And is full of ancient monuments as well as four seasonal nature. But because of the policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, tourists do not have much information about Iran. In Iran, the hijab is mandatory for women😠.
I recommend cities such as Tehran, Isfahan, Kermanshah, Tabriz, Shiraz, see.🙌
AnonymousFirst iranian are Moslem
Many but not all. Just like anywhere else in the world, there are also followers of other religions, atheists and agnostics in Iran.
AnonymousIranians are not religious extremists.
That is generally the case.
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Salam (=hello) , I'm an Iranian & my name is Mahdi.
If you have any questions about Iran & Iranian I can answer you.
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