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Vardogr is right, the government subdue anybody who respects human rights.I as an Iranian want to tell other people throughout the world that Iranian people also do not respect violation or anyone who condones such crimes.
mbm2000I as an Iranian want to tell other people ...
From what I have seen, the vast majority of the Iranian people are lovely, but the government posts are filled by a lot of people who are a little crazy and dangerous and who like to tell everybody else what to do because they think they have all the answers. They seem way too serious. It's a shame they can't seem to loosen up and enjoy life.

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First that comes in mind when I hear about Iran is the Iranian nuclear programm. I have to admit i don't know very much of today's Iran besides what is told on the news. But i know Iran/Persia had been an independent country for thousands of years, therefor has a very rich history and culture and isn't (as many people think here) an Arab country at all.
Can anyone of the iranians tell me about islamism in your country ? An answer would be kind Emotion: smile
You know Iranians have always been devotees even 2500 years ago.At that time they worshiped Ahoura (= the spirit who Christians an Muslims and Jews pray today) and today more than 80 % of people - although abhor the islamic regime - believe in islamic rules.
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I'm sure most Iranians are lovely people. That's what I've heard from more than one source. I read a book called 'Reading Lolita in Iran', which was written by a female, Iranian academic. She set up a sort of informal book group for some of her previous female students after she had been forced from her university post. She depicted the regime as very repressive and theocratic, especially to women and religious minorities. This was after the revolution, so maybe it was particularly bad then.
Hi , my name is faraz and I'm iranian.
why do you want to know about culture?
Hi, yea that's true !!!! I'm iranian !! why do you want to know about culture?
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I personally believe in that saying "People get the government that they deserve." In every country, the government reflects the character of the majority of the people.
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