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My Friend i can just say you kniw nothing about iran and Iranian people and culture.your words and your opinion about Iran is absolutely wrong.plz just study more befor u speak about something

If you want to know about iran you hvae to forget what you see in news completely,bc most of them are lies,most of iranians don't wear hijab!we are so different than what people think about us,we have a great culture that you can't even imagine,I don't say iran is perfect but i say it's so much different than what you think,islam is important for some people,but most of people don't have a religion,generally all the negative things about iran are because of government,even though in some points we have a good government but you can't see it in news,because they don't like people see the truth about iran,idk the reason,iranian people are so kind and so up to date,I would rather never search about iran in internet,bc most of them are lies
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no it is wrong

I as an iranian,can tell you that not all of the things you hear about us are true. The same happens for us. We hear a lot of bad things about american people for example. I personally have heard they are so cruel and racist people.but are these things correct?! NO.

they are just some made byup people who want to spoil our frienship.

in addition, you shouldn't see government as the majority of people. If they do something wrong, doesnt mean we agree with them.

Iranian is so great

Iknow. Just iran is safe in asia and it is importent

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Heeelllooo there! What do you want to know? Well I'm a Muslim but i don't really know much about Islam since i was just borne with the religion and by name... But I'd like to answer if you want to know anything and if i know

Iranians are really powerful if they ally with each other ,, every powerful country know about it like america or england or... Etc

they know that they cant overpower iran in no ways... But we are friendly with every peoples around the world 👉👉believe that we dont have any problem with anybody but we arent quiet about tyrants👈👈

but if you are agree with americans you had better not contend with us

Hi.im danial from iran

If you come here you can stay in my home.

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So can i think the american people deserve trump!?
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