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anonymousSo can I think the American people deserve Trump!?

Some of them certainly do!

Iran is perfect. A piece of heaven!

Weather, people, foods, culture,etc.

Everything is good. But the silly government with it's silly laws, ruins everything.

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well about that i must say that you are right but its not the way you should see . cause iran is an islamic country and our leaders seem so serious about religious but our people are kind, generous but there is things that other people tell about us it is that were savages and terrorism but it is not true at all and i must say we proud to be an iranian. and of course most poeple dont travel a lot to foriegn country , because all the people dont have enough money to do this things and it is also expensive to travel to other countries and we most have a full pocket of money and just rich people do that.

Hi im iranian,i am totally disagree with the government of my country but i do desagree the things you say about iran ,iran or persia is a nation that can live in any condition,a nation that is not dependant on any other nation,a nation that is brought human right to this world when there was nothing like us,a nation that brought art and litrature,a nation that was as big as the half of the world with the great cyrus. So what i suggest to you is,forget about what media says on internet or tv or anywhere else,just ask anyone who travelled iran to see how we live,it is been years that america prohibited any country to buy oil from iran and this have damaged our economy well enough but it didnt damage the people,so please stop talking about what you dont know.

Iran as a country is quite fascinating if you ask me , an Iranian myself , as it has such a rich history and culture. Unfortunately though, Iran has always been a subject of USA and UK and etc that has almost always been threatened in different ways , either through political arguments or by the ambitiousnees of it's neighbour countries like the war between Iran and Iraq which gave out more than 20 million martyrs and there is no denying that Iran during that war was completely innocent. In my opinion, it's not Iran that is causing the disturbance in the middle East and the whole world , although it is arguable that Iran is an ambitious country seeking more control over the land, but it's rather the USA governors who just cannot simply let the middle East have peace as that would put an end to all of their goals of reaching power and having control over it.

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As an american, we think your people are great, but your govt stinks. We think your country is heading us to nuclear disaster.

What????? Smells bad ? Its dark???? What the heck ??????

Maybe there are some bad things in iran ,but not every body in the whole world are the same. Not everyone in iran are the same. No ,we don't kill anyone... we don't stay with someone and then leave them after 3 days. We don't do that. No no no ...

i love people , from all around the world, with any kind of religion, with any kind of skin color. We are all humans. I have respect for people. I want love and peace and respect for every single person in the world. Please stop thinking like that. 💚

I am Amir Ali from Iran Born in Tehran, 22 years old, in our country, there is not much freedom. Although there are all religions in this country, but the ruling Shi'a Islam is the regime. The oppressive regime of Iran is trying to create hatred and oppression, so that it can continue its dictatorship. People, and therefore deny most of the simple rights of people. If you see your girlfriend on the street, you are attacked with violence,They are treated like criminals.

Our people were deceived in the 1979 revolution. Today, everyone is aware of this issue, and some people use government offices to steal financial assets of the country.Organizations such as Sepeh and the regime's clerics using the far-away propaganda show themselves as the symbol of the entire Iranian people.
But I say here that our people are peaceful, like all other peoples, but all the problems of the Middle East and our country are of this regime.

Iran is not a beautiful country with a beautiful history and culture, but the foundations of human rights founded by Cyrus the Great 2400 years ago in our country.
I have a lot of talk to say but I can not speak English well.

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It depends on which part of Iran you are. If you are gay some people in some parts dont care. They are really religious and you just need to keep your sexuality a secret. I believe you are correct that its not right for them to do that. but their are more gays and lesbians in Iran that secretly meet up and have online chats.

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