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Hi everyone
I am an Iranian and I say as someone who knows my country better than you dears
first I apologize for my Incomplete English language Emotion: smile
You may have any culture and religion,
you may be a supporter of any political system,
you may have your opinion about Human beings rights or everything you name it ...
... you will love Iran not for these, but for its Beautiful nature and glorious history.
I suggest you to travel to Iran as a tourist at least once
I promise you that there will be a second time Emotion: wink
I have some Criticism to your medias because they Unfortunately show our people terrorists and dangerous people,we're not terrorists, while Iranians are famous for hospitality and my people welcome to tourists.
I admit that our government is a special one and there are some limitations in our country, but I do not change my country and its culture with nowhere.
and finally I invite you to visit my country and this will change your opinion about Iran and Iranians ...
promise you might have the best trip of your life Emotion: smile)


some videos on youtube to inform about traveling to Iran :




I live in Van City ( Eastern Turkey) and Borders İran country. İran is very historical country. Thanks
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4 or 5 ? are you joking? i'm an Iranian and i know it's more than 40% of our people

US government supports wars and terrorist groups like ISIS

they want to domineer all the world

your government is our enemy

but american people , NO. We haven't any problem with them . we like you Emotion: smile

so sorry for my writing en (not good iknow Emotion: smile

i wana say dont travel to iran because of iran is beautiful pleace and its dont make for another pepole

its just for iranian pepole and reasonable pepole that agree this : your gov have big problem like us

absolutely we like all of the pepole in all of the side of all of the world but its not a good reason to dont say any thing about your country (gov) iwana money to be quiet Emotion: smile

your gov like a pig maybe dog i dont know . them support isis for what exacly? for money are you kidding me what u want exacly????? im tierd form war from killing woman and young (woman +man )we just say that , and your gov have problem with true thing i dont know why ---- if my gov like a little dog your gov like big and wild dog

and im ashamed for your media and tv that tell lie about iran and say to them self = we have freedom media

i have question can u make channel or speak and say true thing about israel no u dont have promision.(its fuuny)

u just have promison to say bad thing about iran(that not true at all). i know Mikel Jackson and i know Muhammad Ali Clay. what the happen for them Mikel gone to *** and mmd with that Pressure (its absolutely fuuny) thay say true thing with the milione fan

i know have bad gov , but do u know have bad gove like us?

u dont know any thing about us u thinking that we never laghe at all we always lagh for any thing u cant belive that

we are friendly we love us family ,we dance we drink oh yeh we do any job , we have best pepole and we have bad pepole we have all of the kind of job , pepole , thinkhing, friend , traveling ,.....

if you know irarnian pepole form your media u absolutely have a big hole (on ur ass ) Emotion: big smile(iranian know what i say)

i hope that a time kill all of the gov and come back to 2000 year ago also with this tech and the latest iphone and a lambo

live easely with any killer with any extra thing with enough thing i means heaven and its cant be run we must go to anothr world after die its realy funny but i belive that, be a good guy

and so sory for my f***ing hand this is my twice language i dont go to any classes to learn it

have best time after this message

god bless you and all of the good guys

Hello my friend

I'm a Persian girl in age 20. First of all, excuse my English skill if my grammar is wrong or something.

Well, there are two groups of people in here. Some people believe in Islam and some people don't. But those who don't, they have to hide their belief from government. Because they have born in an Muslim family and it had chosen for them when they were too little to decide. And an Islamic law says that if you change your religion or you want to choose no religions at all, you must be executed. I honestly don't know why on the earth for!!

The constitution which has made after our parents' Islamic revolution, is completely based on Islamic laws. Hijab is a law (specifically for women). And for example this is a law too, that in Ramadan we can't eat or drink in public. Also all the restaurants and cafes must be closed.

I can not certainly tell what percentages of people do Islamic things in their personal life, maybe half of them, but I can tell that most of people (even most of whom they do respect Islam) don't respect some radically laws performed in Iran.

To be honest, the government claims that we want to do all the thing in Islamic way. But they don't do that at all! Islamic rules are beeing abused by the government to fool people and force them to do things, and to abuse people's rights or money, and to do whatever they are doing in the world!

If there was no Islamic rules in this country, the government was never able to do such things.

As a result, Islam is mostly peaceful between Iranian people, whether they believe it or not. But some specific form of police here, named Gashde Ershäd, riuns every peace we have. Searching for people who don't do Islamic things in their personal private in public.They arrest people for not doing Hijab in the way they want, also most of the times if it appears that two people are dating or they have a relationship without being married, and also if we go out of home and they find out we had drink alcohol. The alcohol is also forbidden to sell. (Some radically common laws about Islam in Iran)

I'm not sure if I could answer your question properly! 😅

《 I apologize for explaining to much! I really tried to write briefly, but I couldn't. 》

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Im Soheil

Im 16 years old

and im iranian

I just can tell go and read the historical books about Iranian culture and dont search the web on the net.

Unfortunately, nowadays 99 percents of people all over the world think that Iranian people are terrorists ,whereas we are the kindest and the most hospitable people on our planet-the Earth. To prove my words, I invite you to Iran, especially Fars and Yazd province. To reply one of the contacts [who said that Iranian people are antihumanism and there is an opposition between Iranian an human rights] I should say that when the great Cirus (2600 years ago) abolished the slavery in Iran, there was no America, at that time there was no trump. Trump's ancestors were tramp and living on trees, eating banana like monkeys. At that time, believing that taking a shower is a crime, European people were killing each other(esp. Innocent people). Thus how can you say that Iranian people are antihumanism whereas American politicians had founded the isis. Once (2500 years ago) Iran was the greatest empire all over the world including half of the Earth. At that time Iran included 109 states and one of them was Egypt. So before talking about Iran and human rights, search about Iranian history and read much more than human rights. I don't know where are you from, but I'm sure that you don't know anything about Iran. You're not guilty. Your media has created this attitude that Iranian people are terrorist.

You do hear yourself, right?

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I'm an Iranian and I respect your opinions ,but I wanna tell you that it's not like we truely choose the people in charge or how the country should be managed! We just have to choose between bad and worse! So please don't say people get the government they deserve.
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