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I dont know where did you get these informations from,but as far as I remember (as an iranian)killing a person have always considered as a unforgivable work in my country.And about leaving covers that you said.Its just because they are being forced by the government(which is not truly popular even in the country )to put on that covers in our country.So I think its crystal clear that why it is what they do at the begining.We know all people from around the world(except some,I repeat,some of them from israel and saudi arabia)as our friends and in our belief all people from around the world are our brothers and sisters.Sorry if it got this long.

Hello, thank you, dear readers,

Iranians had a great Islamic civilization at the time of state of safavi, in a way that people from other countries especially western countries came and visited that Islamic civilization. Ever since Iran had been losing its power and culture in a way that other countries have been in this country till the end of the regime of pahlavi.

Countries like the UK, France, Russia or former Soviet union and the United States of America, they have resorted to every possible means to prevent any progress in Iran.

Iran before and after Islam has been a strategic area in the most sensitive part of the world in the west of Asia, this is the main reason that other countries try to get power in this country, why? Because Iran is located in a strategic part of the world, and it has many gas and oil reserves that ever nation needs as a nation to develop.

Especially after joining Islam Iran has gained more importance than before, it is located in the heart of the Islamic region in the world. And if it forms an Islamic union with the other Muslim nations in the region, Iran itself and other Muslim countries can be an Islamic power in the global community.

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Hi everyone . Iam Iranian boy . My name is Sina . I know english as middle . So if i said any thing as false excuse me . I dont know what are you think about my country . But i always said its important for humanity to be in friendly state . I am just 17 years old but in know some thing about helping others . This is my question from the other country's people , why are we trust on comonications systems when we can make this travels some parts of our life plans ?

i respect your honest opinion.
i believe in the first part too. but not with the second (reflection of majority) part.
yeah i mean we might deserve it right now if you look at it in a harsh way, people are not united in my country and therefore we don't feel powerful to revolt and change some things.
i'll be honest when i say my past generations regret what they've done (the 1978 revolution) but right now it seems like this is what it is. we don't want to fall into a civil war like syria and damage the country for good. so we wait patiently.

“There is much hope in hopelessness; for at the end of the dark night, there is light.”The darkest hour is just before the dawn.

Yes thats true. Im iranian and i realy love my country .I hope that one day people all over the world know our culture and they can understand we are humens just like other
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Hello . Im iranian Islam teaching that there is one god.Islam is the world second largest religion with over 1.8 billion followers or 24℅ of the wordls population.just be good preson is being muslims

oh my friend i guess your anger is in vain

every country have some law and when you dont know much about them you should't judge them

just i say you in iran if you are LGBT is not mean you must die the several way are front you

Hi my friend

islam is the base of our country since revelotion and the source of constitution

if you want to know what happend in asia you have one freind there

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Here is great article about Iranian culture and tradition. if you are Curious to know how wonderful is the culture check it out.