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In every country, the government reflects the character of the majority of the people.
I disagree completely. I doubt that people like being ruled by a dictator or oppressive regime. Otherwise, why would they revolt and risk being killed or jailed?
Why would so many people who speak freely be put in jail just for voicing an opinion? There have been many governments which only get lip-service from the majority of their citizens. Slowly, these governments are being overthrown, but at a very high price for patriots.
thats right, but will u please explain a bit more about islamic rules to us?
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human rights are dependant to culture . you are maybe born in iran but NOT iranian.i live in iran and i know what people think about human rights and sexual actions and so on. in iran you are not allowed to do sex actions because it's against custom and in iran beliefs and custom are very important. if you do something against cusom you first will be asked by people. you should live in such a country to understand what i say. and human rights is what people of a country want to rule for them not being ruled by a low of a person of another country . violation is what governors in capitlism now are doing in eruope an u.s. violation is ruling the 1% of people to 99%.in iran for parliment, peresident, leader and every part there are ELECTION and more than 30 elections has been done in about 30 years after down of Shah.

I'm honored to live in Islamic Republic of Iran.
Any qustion?
according to Iranian culture LGBT has not good popularity (irrespective off governments and type of regime). further more there isn't any updated rules and law to encounter this subject. even though there are some activity to introduce that the unusual s-e-x relation as a result of medical subject and theses persons are not guilty. finally as i said, this kind of relation has not accepted by Muslim or non Muslim Iranian people even if the government accepted it. but i believe most of Iranians are not agree to Flogged & ... of LGBT.

a friend from Iran
Alex-93Can anyone of the iranians tell me about islamism in your country ? An answer would be kind
Dear Alex,
which subject is your favorite ?
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Not in every country the government reflects the character of the majority of the people cause not in every country people have the ability to elect the one they want...
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I like Iranian people, because they have good ethical value. I respect Ahmadinejad as a true Muslim leader. In this world atmosphere, now we have need more Ahmadinejad.
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I know some Iranian people according to my idea and things I've seen, they are not so friendly and open minded. They're generally are ready to attact. When you ask something to them to clarify they think thet you're accusing them. They are acting like depressed classes. They have got used to obey rules. They don't want to obey but they do them. Their public administration maybe makes them like that. Anyway, women are beautiful especially their eyes and hairs. But I cannot say wauw, so beautiful. Men are also normal. As I heared one of my friends, they are making secret partys at homes which have special walls to prevent voice to go out. They have mini skirts, alcohol drinks and video players to use at home and secret parties. They have sige marriage instead of having love. I'm not sure but as I heard they have sige marriage with money eg. for 3 days and levae each other. Nail polish, make up, not to use cover is forbidden in there. They still have so bad punishments in their country. Killing someone is free! OMG. When they come to any country their first job is to leave cover and long jackets etc. they are wearing so attractive. Country seems like so dark and smells bad.
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