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Iranians are not dog, so they don't like dog. They love best creation of God, people at first. Nobody is 100% perfect in this world, yet comparatively most of Iranians are good to me.
im from iran and iwant to say its amistake that some people in world think about iranian people
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I know what you mean but you should know this in every part of the world there are people who have a cold sholder & I am sure you know that, some Iranian fell uneasy to a stranger not for religeus but more of isolation with all the prusser they feel from almost all countries in the world, so when it comes to outsiders SOME feel your look down on them so they do the same but I been there some did gave me a cold shoulder but the Majority are very friendly, its a hard time for them .
as for some who say you dont see them very often its almost the same answer some feel unsecure in countries like U.S for its stand against Iran & they might even be in survailance, & some countries like canada now doesnt allow them to cross their boarders. as for punishments you cant comment on that tell you understand why they did it , as for sex & drinks 90% of Iranians wont have a proplem unlike U.S which 90% will disapprove so its diffrent you cant judge their cultre by yours .
in there sex might bring shame to your name, however its normal in U.S / driving in EUR is on the right you cant say they are worng because the rest of the world is on the left .
"Killing someone is free!" WHAT ?? WHO TOLD YOU THAT ??
& other parties ( religious ) dont have a proplem with Iranian rules.
some like you said can even find a drink.
Election! Really?!!! Are we living in same country?!!! Surely the number of Elections is not the point.
Let me make an example for human rights in Iran: Could you please explain Internet Filtering in Iran?
Oh yeah! I can't think on my own, yeah I got it!

I think if anyone want to learn about the culture of Iran should read texts which are not written during past 30 years (Because that would be a fake).
Like any other countries we did bad things which wont be forgotten,but also good things which are we proud of.
We had War, but also we made peace.
Like others we loved and still do love beauty.
Every Nations are special, so we are. There are differences but we all are humans, born to live and enjoy the life. I don't think that God just made EU and US evils and Iran the center of angels.
hey!!!im from iran and i cant speak english very good , im 12 years old and that was amazing for me to know the other people what think about my country and my country calture ... because every body have a bad opinion about my country and my calture ... and this bad opinion is for my country diplomacy ... but i want to do something to people know something about my country beautiful calture ... and you are doing this ... thank you for do it ...
dear mbm2000
به زبان خودمون دمت گرم!!!
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prespolis was hakhammaneshi empire Capital .. that time iran was biggest empire in the world ...
I as an Iranian proud to you.Thanks for your answers.
I'm a Iranian and I just can tell we don't have any freedom here. everything here is annoying...we're just people with a big historical memory but the worst government in the world...
Here is a place that you'll be killed for your freedom and your thoughts...
We really like to travel but economic and political situation don't let us to travel easily ! just some of people can see around the world.
But please don't compare our government's facts to us...to people...we're just people who wanna freedom,who wanna privacy but we can't have them... and any actions against government would kill us...
please just savvy us!
We don't support our government...we all are not Muslim..we all don't like to be exclusion from other countries.
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It's really not good cuz WE have to be muslim...I'm not muslim in my mind
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