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Hi I am an Iranian girl and I have lived my whole life in Iran . I want to be just about the facts .
I can imagine what kind of view the vast majority of people of USA and Europe have about Iran : A desert in which you can see women in Borqah and hejab and men with Bombs ! (that's at least what some Americans had commented on the photos taken from Iran by an American photographer! asking " is there snow in Iran? or where is the women's borqah?" )
Well , I must say I am a 23 year old girl and I have never seen borqah outside TV ! There is also a variety of climates in Iran including deserts , lots and lots of mountains , jungles and etc . And I must say contradicting the USA if you don't become a soldier you will probably never touch a gun in your life !
from my point of view about Islamism , there is a huge difference between the laws of government and the laws inside families and society . If you ever come in touch with the judgement system in here , you'll have to prepare yourself for judgement based on Islamic laws . That means almost having no right as a woman ! a husband can deprive his wife from working outside and even leaving home!! the woman can not get divorced if she can't prove a misbehavior in her husband . and if she is supposed to testify in a court her quote will be counted half of a man !!)
But what is really going on in here is way too different ! Lots of women work out of home as teachers , engineers , doctors , lawyers , managers and company owners and etc . Most of them don't also put on the hejab the way Arab women do ( you may check up the real photos of the present Iran on the facebook page of an American photographer who has visited Iran : http://www.facebook.com/humansofnewyork?ref=stream ) and most Iranian men are quite accepting and supporting to their wives , daughters and sisters . 60% of university students in Iran are female .And contradicting the Arab women who mostly accept the limitations and loss of their rights as human beings , Iranian women are always fighting for their rights . Iran is almost the only Islamic country with Islamic laws in which most women take the right to divorce on their marriage certificate.having more than one wife is not also popular here . Men who do this are usually kind of disliked and untrusted by the society.
Here most people believe in Islam but in the way they want ! It's mostly about cooking food and giving it to others on religious dates and totally gracious aspects of Islam . Many of them are not even aware of those laws since they have never faced them ! At the same time there are night parties , dancing , drinking and whatever you think inside Iranian homes ( Although every one knows if he/she is arrested there will be serious consequences ). At the end I must Highlight the word "MOST" . I mean that there are some exceptions anyway .
Didn't u know Iranians shouldn't have sex before marriage and it is bad in a lot of family. There's lots of families that have problems with having boy friend too
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Thanks god some Iranian love their country and history. I'm Iranian too but with these things that they r sayin here I taught there is no more Iranian who accept his nationality Emotion: smile
each person has a different idea, but u as a Iranian u have to respect your country n rules. I'm Iranian too and n know enough about Iran. you have to describe Iran in such a way that others have a good think about Iran.
you know what, Iranian people are very friendly . maybe you have heard s.th not good from it's government but people love other people and respect other's right. be sure about it.
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Killing someone is free? Oh my God that's totally NOT true!
Killing people like any other country in the world is illegal in Iran....
How would 75 million people live there if killing was free?!!!
Hello friends,

this discussion at least proves the intentions of (some) Iranians, whatever and/or however images of them and of Iran are depicted.
What i clearly notice out of the posts, proves that the persians/iranians themselves are not happy with their government and demand on freedom and more rights. even the islam- thing is not what the stereotypical image declares it as. no, the people adopt the rules they care about, which are mainly the ones speaking up for love and humanity (yes, islam is actually a good thing in core, well at least not worse then other relgions and their rules in my opinion) and leave out what they don't accept (just as already have been mentiones about the treatment with those, for example, who marry more than once).

This is what makes me happy as well, as a iranian myself, but never having visited my homecountry up to now while living and beeing born in europe. I also can say that i therefore care about the country and want to clear out toxic datas about iran which are meant to slowly destroy it (out of international political reasons)
Now that Rohani has been elected, very small steps have been done to slowly get the country out of the misery again... Thank god!

Lots of greetings
We're muslims.But in ancient times were Zoroastrian.i am an iranian.If you have further questions about the Iranians, ask.😉
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I have a good friend who is a Zoroastrian. The religion has not died out.
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