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i agree
vardogr I know enough about Iranian law to never set foot in your country. Irianian LGBT citizens are flogged, imprisoned and put to death for expressing or acting on their sexual orientation.I have absolutely nothing against Iranian people from a cross-cultural standpoint, but I do not respect anyone who condones human rights violations.
It is not quite like that, just as like as you wear covered clothes and a hijab/headscarf if you are a female then you will be fine.
There should be no public affection and holding hands is like only for spouses/partners.
Otherwise, Iran is a beautiful country with a lot of history and culture. If you do not want to visit a strict city with a lot of police, residents and pollution, just visit Tehran long term. Try the north (Shomal) it is a very clean place and it is basically the countryside.
Iran is a great place for historians and history lovers and the people are great. They are NOT terrorists and the politics may have a bad reflection but the government is now working on improving this.Emotion: yes
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i m an iranian person and im living in iran.
you asked about islamism in our country .
and i have to say that the people who are living in this country doesnt really believe that religion
but they have to obey of this curse religion . if they dont our government will kill them.
and i think you have to know that we are not arab .Emotion: cool
we are iranian and we all hate them .
so could you please stop calling us arab beacuse this is the most insult thing for an iranian person that you can him.
we all love america and we dont have any problems with you . but in the news you may heard some slogan that
the people in my country are saying like death to america ....
and you have to know that the group of people who are saying these words are giving a lot of money from our government.
so stop hating us and try to know us .Emotion: big smileEmotion: smile
Anonymousstop hating us and try to know us
Very interesting post, Anonymous. Thanks for that.
No man. more than half of iranian people leave outside iran
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IRAN is head of Non Allined Movement - NAM, an international organization consist of 120 Countries.
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------------------------------------------- And many more vIDEOS fROM IRAN please learn more about us before You Judge IRAN:
And these are some of the famous IRANIANs that live in the USA: 1 Abass Alavi “ Professor of Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and neurology; University of Pennsylvania.„ 2 Abbas Milani 1949“ Director of Iranian Studies Program, Stanford University.„ 3 Adrian Pasdar 1965“ Actor.„ 4 Afshin Ghotbi 1964“ Soccer coach, former assistant coach of Korea Republic national football team, Los Angeles ... more 5 Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak “ Founding Director of Center for Persian Studies, University of Maryland.„ 6 Alecko Eskandarian 1982“ American soccer player.„ 7 Ali Javan 1926“ Physicist, inventor of gas laser, Professor Emeritus of Physics at MIT.„ 8 Ali Tabatabaee 1973“ One of the lead singers of Orange County, California-based pop-punk band Zebrahead.„ 9 Alireza Jafarzadeh “ FOX News Channel Foreign Affairs Analyst.„ 10 Amin Abraham Paul Nikfar “ Shot Put for the Iranian National Team and 1st Iranian Asian Indoor Champion 2004.„ 11 Amin Nazemzadeh “ Actor.„ 12 Amir Mokri 1956“ Director of photography.„ 13 Amir Naderi 1946“ Film director.„ 14 Amir Sadollah 1980“ Professional mixed martial artist and winner of the ultimate fighter 7.„ 15 Amir Talai 1977“ Actor.„ 16 Amir Vahedi 1961“ Professional poker player„ 17 Andranik Eskandarian 1951“ Former soccer player.„ 18 Andre Khabbazi 1975“ Actor, semi-professional tennis player.„ 19 Anousheh Ansari 1966“ Cofounder, Prodea systems, Inc.„ 20 Anousheh Khalili 1983“ Vocalist.„ 21 Antonio Esfandiari 1978“ Champion poker player.„ 22 Arash Ferdowsi “ Co-Founder & CTO of Dropbox.„ 23 Arash Markazi 1980“ Journalist, Sports Illustrated.„ 24 Artemis Pebdani 1977“ Actress.„ 25 Asieh Namdar 1967“ 26 Atoosa Rubenstein 1972“ Former Seventeen (magazine) and CosmoGIRL! editor-in-chief.„ 27 Azadeh Moaveni 1976“ Journalist, Time Magazine.„ 28 Azar Nafisi 1955“ Writer.„ 29 Bahar Soomekh 1975“ Actress.„ 30 Bahram Mashhoon “ General Relativity physicist.„ 31 Behdad Sami 1986“ First Pro Iranian Basketball player to play in USA history.„ 32 Behnaz Sarafpour “ Fashion designer.„ 33 Behzad Razavi “ Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles.„ 34 Bijan Pakzad “ Noted fashion and perfume designer„ 35 Bob Yari 1961“ Academy Award winning film producer.„ 36 Camran Nezhat “ Director, Stanford Endoscopy Center for Training & Technology.„ 37 Catherine Bell 1968“ Actress.„ 38 Christiane Amanpour 1958“ Anchor of ABC Sunday morning political affairs program, former CNN chief international ...„ 39 Cumrun Vafa 1960“ String theorist in Harvard.„ 40 Cyma Zarghami 1961“ President of Nickelodeon and MTV Networks Kids & Family Group.„ 41 Cyrus Bolooki 1980“ Drummer of New Found Glory.„ 42 Cyrus Kar 1961“ Film director.„ 43 Cyrus Nowrasteh 1956“ Screenwriter and director.„ 44 Dalia Sofer 1972“ Writer.„ 45 Dan Ahdoot “ Stand-up comedian.„ 46 Dara Khosrowshahi 1969“ President and CEO, Expedia, Inc.„ 47 Daron Malakian 1975“ Guitarist/vocalist of four-piece Alternative metal band System Of A Down.„ 48 Davar Ardalan “ NPR producer of Morning Edition.„ 49 David Ackert 1968“ Actor and writer.„ 50 David B. Samadi “Vice Chairman of the Department of Urology and Chief of Robotics and Minimally Invasive ... 51 Merage family “ Co-founder of Chef America Inc., manufacturer of Hot Pockets.„ 52 David Safavian 1967“ Disgraced former Chief of Staff of the United States General Services Administration.„ 53 Ehsan Yarshater 1920“ Hagop Kevorkian Professor Emeritus of Iranian Studies, Director of Center for Iranian Studies, ... more 54 Elie Tahari 1952“ Fashion designer.„ 55 Emud Mokhberi 1978“ Academy Award nominated director/animator.„ 56 Esfandiar Baharmast 1954“ World Cup referee, FIFA Instructor, known as Esse Baharmast.„ 57 Farnaz Fassihi 1971“ journalist, Wall Street Journal.„ 58 Faryar Shirzad 1965“ Former Deputy National Security Advisor and White House Deputy Assistant for International ... more 59 Farzad Bonyadi 1959“ World champion of poker„ 60 Farzad Nazem 1961“ Former CTO of Yahoo!.„ 61 Firoozeh Dumas 1965“ Author of Funny in Farsi: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America.„ 62 Firouz Naderi 1946“ NASA director of Mars project.„ 63 George Malek-Yonan 1924“ Iran's "Champion of Champions" in Track & Field and Pentathlon.„ 64 Ghavam Shahidi “ IBM Fellow, Director of Silicon Technology.„ 65 Goli Ameri 1956“ U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs, former U.S. delegate ... more 66 Haleh Esfandiari 1940“ Middle East Scholar.„ 67 Hamed Haddadi 1985“ NBA center for the Memphis Grizzlies, first Iranian NBA player.„ 68 Hamid Akhavan 1961“ CEO of Siemens Enterprise Communications.„ 69 Hamid Dabashi 1951“ Hagop Kevorkian Professor of Iranian Studies, Columbia University in New York.„ 70 Hamid Dastmalchi “ World champion of poker.„ 71 Hamid Jafarkhani 1966“ Leading communication theorist, University of California, Irvine.„ 72 Hamid Mowlana “ Director of the Division of International Communication at American University.„ 73 Homayoon Kazerooni “ Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley; Co-founder and ... more 74 Homayoun Seraji 1947“ Senior Research Scientist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory.„ 75 Hushang Ansary 1926“ Former Iranian Minister of Finance and Chairman of National Finance Committee of Bush-Cheney ... 76 Isaac Larian 1954“ CEO of MGA Entertainment, manufacturer of Bratz dolls„ 77 J. Darius Bikoff 1961“ CEO and founder of Energy Brands.„ 78 Jahan Salehi 1954“ President, Agence Global, Inc. syndicate.„ 79 Jimmy Delshad 1940“ Mayor of Beverly Hills, California.„ 80 Jonathan Ahdout 1989“ Actor.„ 81 Kamshad Kooshan 1962“ Screenwriter & director.„ 82 Kaveh Pahlavan 1951“ Professor of Computer and Electrical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute.„ 83 Kayvan Najarian “ Associate Professor of Computer Science, Virginia Commonwealth University.„ 84 The Iron Sheik 1940“ Retired professional wrestler, better known by his stage name of The Iron Sheik.„ 85 King Kamali 1972“ IFBB pro bodybuilder.„ 86 Kourosh Zolani 1970“ Composer, soloist and inventor. Zolani is best known for designing and playing the world's ... more 87 Leila Bela “ Actress, writer and former member of Pigface.„ 88 Leila Vaziri 1985“ The current world record holder of the 50 m women's backstroke.„ 89 Lily Afshar “ Female classical guitarist.„ 90 Lotfi A. Zadeh “ Mathematician and computer scientist, and a professor of computer science at the University of ... 91 Lotfi Mansouri 1929“ Opera director.„ 92 Mahbod Seraji 1956“ Writer.„ 93 Mahnaz Badihian “ Poet.„ 94 Majid M. Naini “ Computer scientist, former Professor at University of Pennsylvania; Rumi expert, Writer, ... more 95 Manny Mashouf 1938“ Founder and Chairman of bebe stores.„ 96 Manuchehr Shahrokhi “ Professor, California State University; Founding Editor, Global Finance Journal and Executive ... more 97 Mark Zandi “ Economist and co-founder of Economy.com, now part of Moody's Analytics.„ 98 Marshall Manesh 1950“ Actor.„ 99 Maryam Mirzakhani 1977“ Stanford University Professor.„ 100 Massy Tadjedin 1978“ Screenwriter.„ 101 Matt Ghaffari 1961“ Olympic silver-medal winning wrestler.„ 102 Max Amini 1977“ Comedian.„ 103 Maz Jobrani 1972“ Comedian.„ 104 Mehran Kardar “ Physicist, MIT.„ 105 Mehrdad Nikoonahad “ Founder & CEO, Nikoo Technology, Inc.„ 106 Michael Benjamin 1958“ 1996 Republican candidate for the U.S. House from the 8th district of New York, and 2004 ... more 107 Michael Shabaz 1987“ Tennis player, 2005 Wimbledon boys' doubles championship.„ 108 Mina Bissell “ Scientist and Biologist, LBL.„ 109 Mohsen Mostafavi “ Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Design.„ 110 Mozhan Marno “ Actress.„ 111 Nader Engheta 1955“ Professor of Electrical and Systems Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania.„ 112 Nadia Bjorlin 1980“ TV/soap opera actress.„ 113 Najmieh Batmanglij 1947“ Chef, writer.„ 114 Nariman Farvardin “ Provost of University of Maryland.„ 115 Nasim Pedrad 1981“ Actress, comedian.„ 116 Nazanin Boniadi 1982“ Television and film actress.„ 117 Nima Arkani-Hamed 1972“ Physicist from Harvard.„ 118 Nouriel Roubini 1958“ One of the leading economists of our age, professor of economics at the Stern School of ... 119 Omid Abtahi 1979“ Actor.„ 120 Omid Kordestani 1963“ Former Senior Vice President of Google„ 121 Omid Safi “ Professor of Islamic studies at the University of North Carolina and advocate of reform within ... more 122 Paul Merage “ Co-founder of Chef America Inc., manufacturer of Hot Pockets.„ 123 Pierre Omidyar 1967“ Founder of e-Bay.„ 124 Pouyan Afkary “ Synthesizer musician, member of Scary Kids Scaring Kids.„ 125 Ramin Djawadi 1974“ Composer.„ 126 Ray Takeyh 1966“ Middle East Scholar and Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.„ 127 Reza Aslan 1972“ Writer.„ 128 Reza Badiyi 1930“ TV director.„ 129 Richard Danielpour 1956 130 Rosie Malek-Yonan 1965“ Author of The Crimson Field; Actress, director, and documentary filmmaker.„ 131 Ross Mirkarimi 1961“ Member of San Francisco City Council from the Green Party.„ 132 Rostam Batmanglij 1983“ Keyboard player of Vampire Weekend, music producer.„ 133 Roxana Saberi 1977“ Photojournalist whose 2009 arrest in Iran became a cause celebre.„ 134 Roya Hakakian 1966“ Writer„ 135 Rudi Bakhtiar 1966“ Voice of America employee, former Director of Public Relations for the Public Affairs Alliance ... more 136 Salar Kamangar “ CEO of YouTube, VP of Google's web applications.„ 137 Sam Nazarian 1975“ CEO of the SBE Entertaintment Group.„ 138 Sarah Shahi 1980“ Actress.„ 139 Sepandar Kamvar 1977“ Computer scientist, Stanford University.„ 140 Shahram Dabiri “ Video game producer, lead producer of World of Warcraft.„ 141 Shahriar Afshar 1971“ Physicist, namesake of Afshar experiment.„ 142 Shahrnoosh Parsipour “ Writer.„ 143 Shaun Toub 1963“ Actor.„ 144 Shawn Daivari 1984“ Professional wrestler and manager, better known by his stage names of Sheik Abdul Bashir or ... more 145 Shiva Rose McDermott “ actress„ 146 Shmuley Boteach 1966“ Rabbi, radio and television host, author.„ 147 Shohreh Aghdashloo 1952“ Academy Award-nominated film/television actress„ 148 Siavash Alamouti “ CTO Broad Band and INTEL fellow, Inventor of Alamouti Code, Code-communication engineer.„ 149 Sina Tamaddon 1957“ Senior Vice President of Applications for Apple Computer.„ 150 T.J. Houshmandzadeh “ NFL wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens.„ 151 Tony Petrossian 1975“ Music video director.„ 152 Touraj Daryaee 1967“ Iranologist.„ 153 Vahid Tarokh “ Leading communication theorist, Harvard University.„ 154 Vartan Gregorian 1934“ President of The Carnegie Corporation of New York.„
hello,i'm a young Iranian boy,in my opinion your government belie you about Iran,many of your news about Iran are wrong,they say you that life in Iran is very hard,and they say you that iran's laws are very bad,but in my opinion life in Iran is very good,probably you can't understand what i say,if you was an iranian you could understand,in my opinion our government is the best government in the world,if you was iranian you could understand
and I'm ready to die for Iran,i'm ready to die for Islam,i'm ready to die for our leader
I wish you the best
goodbye...Emotion: smile
hi,i'm Iranian,you can go to this link http://www.islamquest.net/en /
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Iran and Iranians aren't like what you said,i'm from Iran and i'm a young boy,why do you think Iranians are bad,in my opinion our government is the best government in the world,and i love our leader,our laws are very good,your government and your news belie you about Iran and Iranians and about Islam,we overthrew the Shah to live free and to live with Islam and to be our laws Islamic,but your news lie to you about Islam,in my opinion Islam is very good and i'm proud to live in The Islamic Republic of Iran,probably you can't understand what i say,but if you live in Iran you can understand what I say,and now i'm ready to die for Iran and i'm ready to die for Islam and i'm ready to die for our leader and i'm ready to die for our free life.
i wish you the best
good luckEmotion: smile
human beings are members of a whole
in creation of one essence and soul

Saadi(one of the iranian poets)
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