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AnonymousHey what you said was wrong!
Who do you mean by "you"? This thread has many many contributors who wrote many different things.
Some people are fearful of visiting Iran. The police throw some of them in jail for years and years!
Hi I'm from Iran at first I should say tank to all you who search and read about Iran because Iran is not that country that a lot of people think Iran is an old country with an old culture. Iranian couldn't be terrorist. Iran is very beautiful with kind people and the most important is that we all are human so we have humanity.
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Anonymousso we have humanity.
But do Iranians have freedom of religion, and freedom of the press?
AlpheccaStarsBut do Iranians have freedom of religion, and freedom of the press?
There are followers of various religions in Iran. Even jews and christians. Iran has the largest jewish population in the region, after the holy land.
AnonymousEven jews and christians.
Then can you tell me why this is true?
My Christian friend visited the capital city, Tehran, last year o a two-week tour. She wanted to attend a Christian church service sometime during her tour.
The tour director told her he knew about one possibility. He hired a taxi. The taxi brought her to a locked gate to a plain house. It had no markers, signs, or indication that it was a place to worship. After a long time of knocking and calling, a man came out and talked with her. He told her to come back later. She did and there was a service with a few worshipers. But no one wanted to say their name and they seemed afraid because a stranger attended the service. They said they could not reveal their faith outside the walls of this plain house, and they felt compelled to dress in the Muslim way when they were outside.

In my city, I know where there are Buddhist temples, Mosques, Cathedrals, churches of all denominations, Zoroastrian temples, Hindu temples, and Synagogues. They are all large buildings built in a style announcing their religion with symbols of their faith on the exterior. I could respectfully go to any of their services without fear and meet people without fear who would introduce themselves and tell me about their beliefs. I know where to go if I would like to meet atheists, too. That is freedom of religion. I doubt it exists in Iran, which is a Theocracy with an official state religion.
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AlpheccaStarsThen can you tell me why this is true?
People choose to worship wherever they want. They don't have to attend to attend an organised place of worship like an official church or mosque.

If people want to attend an official church in Iran, they have choices http://www.farsinet.com/icc/iran.html & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_religious_centers_in_Tehran#Churches
AlpheccaStarsthey felt compelled to dress in the Muslim way when they were outside.
Is that surprising? Just as in other, Islamic countries, the law requires people to dress modestly. That is hardly unique to Iran.
Hi guys.
I'm from Iran and I live there.
I just want to mention we have over 3000 years history.
And we had the first emperor in the history. And the length of our country was from the east of China to west of France (you could see it in Wikipedia)
Our race is german and we aren't Arab. Actually iranian people really hate Arabs.
The first role of human rights was written by iranian people about 2000 years ago.
AnonymousOur race is german and we aren't Arab.
Ach du lieber Himmel! And I thought the Anschluss only included Austria!
AnonymousActually iranian people really hate Arabs.
I suspect they hate you too. And the fact that you state it so nonchalantly on an international forum speaks volumes.

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AnonymousThe first role of human rights was written by iranian people about 2000 years ago.
Human rights are not observed in Iran. Theoretically, people have all manner of rights in almost every country: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, political freedom etc. What counts is what rights people actually have, not what is said about freedoms in the constitution and the laws of the country. http://www.hrw.org/world-report/2014/country-chapters/iran

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