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Are you saying that seriously???
Chinese and Korean keeps saying that, however Japan DID Apologize and DID pay more than enough.
That's China's and Korean's crazy thinking right there.
you must be a Chinese.
i am Japanese.
it is not true.
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studentsit is not true.
What is not true?
i am a japanese student.(so my english is very bad, and icannot correct)
we are taught to live not by the rules of being the best but by the rules of being one in a crowd they act same ,not concerning his will.ithink it wrong, off course.
most of us spend their time when we're teenage on avoiding nonmade sense rules as much as possible.
there isn't any dream,and they don't try to have.
i say most Japanese social rules are made just only to avoid disturbing harmonies
ah , sorry ,itis against "nearly 100 people take thier own lives every day in Japan."
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students,itis against "nearly 100 people take thier own lives every day in Japan."
Do you know what the Japanese suicide rate really is, then? From one online source (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/world/suiciderate.html ), I derive a figure of 65-70 suicides per day in Japan.
oh, i won't say that, their spirit is WRONG, they not deserve to live, because once you let them, they want to swallow you,just go check out how the other country leaders treat Japanese.
I'm also a Japanese student and this is my perspective of my country as a person who has never been abroad.
We are taught to be the best but it's not for ourselves, it's for the society. Otherwise, they will see you as a "rude" person or an "outcast". You know, there's even a saying for that in Japan. But guess what, (I don't know if you live in Kanto or Tohoku region) when 3/11 hit here we always made a straight row to buy, to use pay phone etc.
I live in Kanto region so I've seen and done that. We have been taught the "see the person in front of you and act like them" thing since kindergarten. Well there are both positive and negative sides from "the rules" us Japanese call.
And I definitely have a dream (but not for the government right now).
I think our suicide rate would decrease if this society was more aware of individuals. Sorry, this might not be a response for the thread.
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What do you think about Japanese people?
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