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I saw Japanese people very selfish. I didn't like this manner. They don't care about other people when they are between other races and nationals. For me if I have some power or ability and I am supposed to share it with somebody, he/she is not a Japanese. Also we cant say Japan is improved because of Japanese traditions and working habits etc. There are a lot of improved countries and you see they have traditions and habits of themselves rather than Japanese one.
Well, as people on 9Gag said, Japanese are weird, though I admit that I like some of their weirdness.
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I'm a Japanese student. I want to know about Japan more because I love Japan very much. Japan is famous for comics, anime. It's nice but I don't think it's a real culture for us. I think Japan is very clean and safe place. There are not any garbage cans but everywhere is clean. Because everyone brings back it and cleaners make effort to clean the road. Also, if I lose my wallet, someone pic it up and always return it to me. Foods are really good, too. I love Japanese foods. It's a delicious. Especially sushi, miso soup, rice are good for me. In addition to these, Japanese are very kind but not friendly at first. We are taught that we don't speak to strangers so if you say "hello" to unfamiliar person, almost all the people don't reply. However once you and Japanese are friends, the are very kind to you. Besides these we have many wonderful cultures.

Akita ken is awesome!!

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After temporary living in us from Japan, I strongly realized that people are quite the same. The difference is expression style and phenotype.

In America we either confuse you with Chinese or we think you are smarter or more ambitious but overly stressed out.

From my standpoint, Japanese people are intelligent, wise, peaceful, organized and self-disciplined. No wonder why Japan is one of the most developed countries in the whole world. I believe it’s because of hard-working and brainy people. Just look how complicated Japanese language is! It’s a huge challenge for not a native speaker to learn it. Besides, it’s a nationality of long-livers: Japan has the oldest life expectancy in the world. These people know how to eat well, work hard, and live a full and healthy life. I’ve been dreaming to visit Japan for as long as I can remember and get in touch with Japanese people as well. It’s always great to meet new people Emotion: smile

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Japanese people seem to like very strange things. If you look at their game shows and films you can see what I mean.

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