I was very like Japan and japanese when I was living in Tokyo, because it is a social of fredoom. But now when I'm living in Akita, I got hated Japanese, the way people here thinking is very small.
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Year ago i very liked anime, Japan and all concerned with this.
Hm...Japanese culture is interesting -)
but their language so difficult %)
I think Japanese are clever, hard-working, too organized, but they are quite friendly.
Unfortunatey I didn't have much experience of meeting them.
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I just read a scary article,few days ago, regading Japan's having the highest-rate sucide level after russia, it says in the article that nearly 100 people take thier own lives every day in Japan.

I strongly believe very strogly that this is happening due to a lack or RELIGIOUS belief, that causes them to suffer from long deep depression which leads eventually to come to a decisoin to kill them selves.
I can't say I agree with you.

The Japanese have strong traditions and religious beliefs. I think the problem is more to do with the strict upbringing they have to deal with than the religious problem.From childhood, they learn that they must live by the rules of being the best, getting into the best university, studying hard, honoring the family name etc.Society puts too much pressure on their shoulders and when they don’t achieve their goals, when they fail, they lose hope and the easiest way outfor them is to commit suicide.

(please, someone correct my English!)
i don't know, there's a part in my inner self that hate them because of what they had done to our country but that's past. Now, everytime i hear Japan, all i can think of are mangas and animes also the technology in their country...
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I am very glad what you think about Japan right now. A few countries still carry on their dark memories that who did this, who did that. But past is past, we have to move on. The top people in those countries hide the fact Japan apologized what they did, and paid so much money for those countries. Now we are living in 21 century, and we rather helping each other than blaming each other about their history.
The fact is Japan did not apologize what they did in WW2 including comfort women, 731...etc. In addition, they did not pay.
You must study about Japan, more. What Japanese people have a religion. They are even not just a simple Buddhist or Shinto.
I think they have only Japanese spirit and way.
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