I think that He's the most beautiful actor.. The sex simbol of Hollywood!Emotion: big smile

I like his films. I saw Pirate of the Caribbean, From Hell, Sleepy Hollow, Neverlan and more...

And you??

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Not very sexy, but I enjoy his performances.

I think he is one of the best actors I´ve ever seen, but he is not sexy..hehe ( i don´t find him sexy:P)
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He is a great actor! I especially liked him in Once Upon a Time in Mexico. That line where he tells the taxi driver, "I can't see... I have no eyes..."


frankly? I don't like this guy Emotion: tongue tied
hi.. i am quite a fan of him as i adore his appearances, but i prefer keanu reeves better.

doesn't mean to undervalue johnny depp, though. " )
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I think he was better-looking when he was younger. A lot of people are always gushing over how gorgeous and young-looking he still looks, but I'm not that impressed. Plus, he's not that great of an actor either. He's good at mimicking others but you never get the feeling that he is acting from his heart.
Through the pirate of Caribbean, I knew Johnney Depp. His different apprearance impressed me. However it is unexplainable that how his face touched me. I just think he is different. I still consider there are something mysterious hidden behind his beautiful face. Maybe, it is the film marks at the bottom of my heart instead of his action. Anybody elso watched the other movies he involved in?
I loved him in Finding neverland!!!:D:D

Is it said like this?? In Spanish it is said: "Descubriendo nunca jamás"
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