Hi every one.....

I'm Lily

I came with an interesting theme to talk a bout,you will do me a favour if you explain it by using your own wordsEmotion: smile

Knowing one's own language really means more than just knowing the meaning of every word or almost every word of a language. try to explain itEmotion: smile
hello Lily, and welcome. That's a very interesting theme. I agree with your statement that there is more to understanding language than understanding grammar and vocabulary. For one thing, language is inextricably entwined in culture, so there are all sorts of cultural and social aspects to consider when choosing which words to use and when to use them.

There are also unspoken aspects of language, such as body language and gestures, facial
expressions etc., which may vary from place to place.

Then there is stress, pitch and intonation, which also differ between languages and cultures.

Hope we get lots more ideas.
Thanks alot abbie your ideas are very interesting ,and as you said we hope to get more ideas..
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I'm learning English. My first language is Spanish, but the theme is the same in everywhere.
The language isn't a group of words with meaning... it's a synergistic effect of significants.

This phenomena reflects a speakers soul's dimension and knowing it we are knowing to ourselves, because we are what we say. Our speech is our soul in action. Regards
Welcome, Pazaro. That was beautifully put.