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if she gets pregnant it means the end of life came for her!

my gosh! a child=END OF THE WORLD
Itsme44yeh u need to do sex before married... otherwise divorce will come very fast... Emotion: big smile
Yeah! I agree with you. Having sex b4 marriage is a test for sexual harmony.

But in my country Vietnamese, people value the virginity of girls. When a man intend to marry a girl, 9 out of 10 consider the girl remains a virgin or not. They always wish to be the 1st man having sex with her. In nuptail night, they often dont feel comfortable 'coz have to concern themselves with the "evidence" of a virgin.

I think that's musty.
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thks for your all enthusiastic contributions.

To me,I have never regarded sex as important condition when choosing the sweetheart,I have never offended my love through such a bad thought ,since I respect my girlfriend ,a haft of my heart,and will surely never forgive myself if there's any action may hurt her .However I dont object to the important role of sex in love ,this is the natural demand , the part of love which helping the couple tie themselves closer and develope their love.It will be acceptable if it considered seriously and originate from the mutual respect of each others as a friend here said.

But ,I'm wondering in western movies why people easily go to bed after few dates and the first even ...hm..m..m...whether this is the difference in cuture..
It is considered pretty normal in western culture generally - however we are all individuals and different people have different ideas. You will still find plenty of westerners who will not have sex before marriage due to their religious beliefs, or who will wait for a lot longer than a few dates anyway! There is more of an idea that it is up to the individual to decide their own rules. Some people are happy to have 'one night stands' (meet someone, have sex with them that night, never see them again) others wait for marriage; most people behave somewhere between those two extremes.

Don't go assuming that everyone is just madly having sex with everyone else at the drop of a hat because of what you see in the films!

Actually, a big complaint from western women travellers is the level of harrassment and actual assaults (from inappropriate touching to attempted rape) we suffer in some other countries because of an assumption of the men there (thanks to all those movies) that all we do is jump into bed instantly with random men. Even if we are up for a one night stand it is still our choice and western men do not get to just walk up to any woman on the street and literally help themselves - so I can't understand how men in other cultures think it is ok. They'd go mad if someone did that to their mothers/sisters/daughters.
i have no idea where to start...
sex before marriage is something that non-religious people dont even think of NOT doing..
I mean, come on, sex is like a BIG kiss!!!
If u are raised in a certain religion then its your problem, well, its not a problem at all.
Until, this is what happened to me, something goes wrong. I've been happy in love for 2 years ( with sex and all) and now all of a sudden my girlfriend decided that she wont have sex anymore or until we get married!!i was tottaly shocked!!i think this is definitly not ok!!and she doesnt even belong to any religion!! i asked her why, and she sead: Coz i think its not right!!!
This wont make anything better, it has just ruined our relationship.To me sex is the greatest expresion of love possible in this world.
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I'm too young to answer that question.[A]
Emotion: winkOK
in my vision, religion or moral is not problem in turkey..the main problem is the thoughts of men,,that s the concerning of first trial..a real love is the solution of this problem in everywhere i think..
cose,love is the universal language,,if u love him/her really,u don t think a basic membrane..
and i don t know anyone,but it s more important to me to live sex in harmony and love,maybe an experience is necessary for this??
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Chiquillo,maybe an experience is necessary for this??
wht is necessary for u?Emotion: sad
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