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There are two question :
1. Sex with any people is allowed ?
2. Sex with boy friend or lovers ?

For me, your opinion is totally wrong. What is love means for you? What sex means for you? And what makes you think that sex is the greatest expression of love possible in this world?

What I saw from your words, I think that you don't understand what love is. Your relationship was ruined just because your girlfriend don't want to have sex with you anymore before marriage. It looks like sex is the only way to express love for you. Love can be expressed by many things and not only by having sex. Love is about caring for each other and that can be expressed by many ways other than sex. If you think that sex is the greatest expression of love possible in this world, why don't you give it just for the one that you really love and she also really loves you? Marriage is a stage of relationship where people will always love each other and never betrays their partner (or at least the stage where betrayal is at the minimum level) because you only married to someone that you really loves and commited to. Dating (or anything that is before marriage) is far from that (marriage) level. The chance of broke up is very high. Why don't you give the 'greatest expression of love possible in this world' only for a special someone, who is the one who you marry? You gave it to your girlfriend, which is the one who you date and have not marry. What happen if you two broke up? You will find another girl who you love and you give 'it' to her. What happen if you broke up again? You will find another girl. When you finally found the perfect one and you marry her, you definitely will think to express your love to her by doing something really special. You'll also want to express your love by doing the greatest way to express it, which is from your opinion is sex. But you already do it with another girl so it's not special anymore. So what will you do?

Dating is just a stage in relationship that leads to marriage. It is a stage where you search for that special someone to be loved forever. And marriage is a final stage of relationship where you already find that special someone that you love and commited to. The person who you marry is the one that deserves to be given the greatest love from you and not the one who you only date. The one who you date still deserves to receive your love, but not by the greatest way. I hope that you and everybody that read this can think what I wrote. It is just my opinion and I can receive any comments related to what I wrote about. Thanks

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I just can say that having sex before marriage is not a good idea! Think about those people that are waiting for the bride and the groom for the cerimony, if the couple decide to make sex before it, those poor people will wait a lot, it is desrespectful!! Choose other day!

I'm from Poland and my country is conservative (in theory), but a lot of things is changing and people don't wait to the wedding. In my opinion sex before wedding is normal, but you have to love your boyfriend and be conscious your decisions. The best age for sex is minimum 20, but it is individual for every person. I'm 27 when i had my first time.

America is bombarded with it. It's morally wrong. Will get you sick. Get married.
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I would say that everyone has to have the right to choose whether to wait until they get married or not. In today's society, some people think it's not normal to be a virgin if you are 16 years old. Thus, girls and guys are forced to "seal the deal" faster than they want to or are ready to, which disgusts me! On the other hand, there is this opposing side of the society that says you should wait, and do it when you get married, so for a young kid, it's very confusing. This is why I think people should have the right to decide for themselves and do it whenever they want! Emotion: smile You can never please everybody, that's why you should please yourself!


Yes, it is popular) I think 16yrs acceptable in all countries. No, I don't think it is the best way. But I think it is just one of the ways to know each other more before marriage

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