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Hi Jackson,

that's nice of you Emotion: smile but i dont think i watched hideous and Kinky , and yes i like kate winsley too i find her beautiful . Moreover, there are many other films which were made in Morocco for example "LE RETOUR DE LA MOMIE" iam not sure of the English translation that's why i didnt mention it and many many other films like also the story of " Moses" i mean the one u see in films it was filmed in Morocco and many other syrian serials also i cant remember the name of all but if u go to the south of Morocco, especially Ouarzazat you will find those pyramids which served the film and status of Pharaouns and also those stades which GLADIATORS used during Roman Period Ect....... Look at the link below Emotion: smilehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ouarzazate
Hello Rita,

Thanks for the very useful link. Are you a University student?

Best wishes, Jackson
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hello jackson,

you are welcome, i hope that you found the link interesting. yes Actually iam a university student.

Best wishes for u too Rita_malicia

Sorry Rita but really the fact Morroco isn't arabian counry maybe u don't speak tamazight

but you are amazighian

and the Islam enter to Morocco not off Arabian

becouse the Amzighian went to Makka becouse they wasn't happy about the way they live

when they heard there was a man said the God is one named Mohamed

and he tought them the islam and they came back to Morroco for dellver the letter of Mohamed salallah 3alyahi waslam

I'll talk withyou about that later

Take care

and sorry about my mistakes becouse this my second year at English

I'm in the level two
Morocco is a great country with a great nature that i would love to visit

but heck i can never understand your accent it has nothinig to do with arabic guys!lol

oh btw it's true that Morrocans are not arabs they have just ruled it for a while and some has immigrated besides it's clear from the language and the traditions in Morroco they have nothing to do with any arabian tradition

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hi New Tevion,

i found interesting to talk about this subject, because i think still many people do not exactly know the origin of Moroccans ; there are many amazigh as u said but the fact that Moroccan people are not arab is not true; you can look back at our history and u will find out, logically if they were Amazigh as u said they wont be a part of the arab world and in order to renforce My statement you can look at the link i added where u can find everything about Morocco,it's first settlers and nowadays population . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morocco
hi Aleen,

i see that u also think that Moroccan people are not arabs , Actually iam tired of explaining Emotion: smile but as i said previously to our friends that Moroccans are typically arabs with a comunity of berbers and a minority of jews, dont forget my friend that we were colonized by the french people, the spanish, and the portugueese, so the difficulty of understanding our language is not due to our nonarabian origins but to the influence of those languages left by the colonizers that's why u can find some words that are not easily understood by the easterns and if u can use the link i sent and u can see that Arabs came from syria and baghdad and that's our Roots, so can u say that Algerians arent Arab!!!or tunisians Arent!!!or lybia is not an arab country keeping in mind that they all have a berber community but u can understand those country wherease those countries didnt have this mixture of colonisation in the past....i would prefer that you read the link and u may look at other references if possible if u are really interested to know about Morrocans origin, iam not eliminating the berbers of cours not, because many friends of mine are, even some members of my family because we are a homogeunous community but iam just showing the facts as they are not as they pretend to be, so u can tell me where arebic came from if u we are Berber!!!! why would berber use a language that is very defferent from their own language keeping in mind that there are still some berber who refuse completely to talk arabic because they are still angry from the evasion of Arabs to Morocco because they were the first settlers..However, about tradition can u explain for me what u meant by "Morroco they have nothing to do with any arabian tradition" which tradition u have that we do not have ??? of course in term of distance we are far appart so of course we have many pecularities which are only related to us we have different kind of traditions but not totally and this is due to geography !!!.
One of my relative married to a Morrocan Guy. They live in my country now. As long as I know my relative's husband is so proud about his country.
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I think he has a lot of reason to be proud of his country.
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