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ya right u didn't say that the real settlers have left but the point they are not the minority
hi Aleen,

Are u berber?:d i believe that u dont have any information about Morocco so no need to talk about something u dont know Emotion: wink.
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The majority of Moroccans are Arabs. Yes, there are many minorities also present in Marrakech. But that should not make you say Marrakech is not an Arabian country.

Best wishes, Jackson
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To make it clear,The Morrocan are Arabs with big minorities of Berbers,so,let's stick the topics,WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT MORROCONS?(i don't remember the topic is who is arab or if the morrocons are arabs or not,it's a matter,what do you think about them? Emotion: big smile
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First of all, the title is "what do you think about Moroccan people " that's true but i think it's obvious that it's a broad subject and we can narrow it by any other subject so talking about who are Moroccans or who are berbers is a narrowed title of the following broad title : "What do you think about Mororoccan people?" and i think here we are free to discuss any issue concerning Morocco and Moroccans that's why i created this title and iam trying to expalin everything that i do know about my country and it's people so saying that Morocco is an arab country with a big Majority of Arabs is a fact that im pretty relax to talk about with any member who is interested and expalin for them that's my duty i guess concerning this Matter Emotion: big smile
Well, as i'm from Middle East, I studied a bit about Morocco. It is an arabic country, in the north of africa. It is one of the countries in Arab Homeland. They speak arabic, mixed with english and french.
Thnks for sharing your information little sweetness:)
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You're welcome Emotion: wink
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