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azul .here samir from algeria.that l wannato reply for up a message .that l think it is not true you say that marroco is arabic country .here in algeria majority of us are imazighen .l am proud to be amazigh forever.
Al Maghreb Al Arabi (English: The Arab Maghreb) is a controversial term because the "Al Arabi" part asserts an exclusively Arab identity for the territory, despite the presence to say the least of the non-Arab Amazigh people. So the "Al Maghreb Al Arabi" happens to be crudely unscientific term which civilised people thoughtfully reject.
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Hi Rita,

Yes you are right about one thing,the first people in Morocco are the Amazigh people, they have been in Morocco for 7000-8000 years before J.C and aroud 874(I'm not sure about the year) after J.C came the arab, they came with there languages and religion because at that time, their were no religion, except in the middle east, maybe.

It was more like: become arab, learn the languages etc.. and you will be able to go to school, get your papers (id card, civilian papers etc..), but if you stay were you are, and you do not talk arab you will get nothing, do you even know that the Amazigh don't even have the right to name their children Amazigh name, they have to name them an arab name, that is how bad the country want to remove anything that has to do with them, I think it's a shame.

The country really want to still continue arab influence the people.
There is "arabs" in Morocco, but if you look at their roots, we are all Berber/Amazigh people( I'm one of them)
The arabs are not the majority Moroccan people, thats what they want you to belive.

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Please stop calling MOROCCO an arabic country WAKE UP WAKE UP
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There moroccans that are originally amazigh and there are morrocans that are originally arabs i am arabe by the way
Hi i m moroccain too what said #morocco is great place there is everythings here its cheap nice vacation so welcome any time any where to ur second country:)
Thank u #Rita btw

The kingdom of Numidia is the actual Algeria, though. Not Morocco.

Massinissa, Yuba II, and all those you mentionned, are "Algerian" Kings. Why are you mentionning the in Morocco topic?

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