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its nice to hear such of opinion about Poland ;-) im from this country and Im really proud of it.. Yes.. is true we like guests so we invite You Emotion: big smile , im sure you would like it , specially in the summer , For sure everything will be cheap for you so you dont spend too much money and the fun will be graet. Greatings from Poland !!
Of what you are proud?
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i know that Poland is neighbour of Belarus...And host of the 2007 figure-skating Championships-Warsaw-... I wish I had more information ...
I'm not sure but one couple skater from Belarus achieved 2nd or 3rd place?
I am not sure,too. It is possible because skaters from Belarus are really graceful...
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its simple..
Im proud because our history is really long and reach , maybe you don't know but Poland is one of the most often atacted country in Europe, and we still exist , why? We are brave and always fight to the end.. Always gave all we can to save our independed.. Example Uprising in 1944 a lot of people went for certain death they had just few guns but we fight ,Yes I can not be proud of our politician.. now most od Polls dont agree with them..
Do you think we dont have reasons to be proud of it?
Hi everybody! I live in Poland so I can tell you something about this country. First in Poland live 38 millions people, it is seventh (probably) country in Europe. We have horrible politicians, but normal people in Poland are nice and friendly. Unfortunately, we havent good roads, but landscapes are wonderful! We have many rare plants and animals. Poland exists for 1050 years. If you have any answer, write! Kisses
AnonymousIf you have any answer, write! Kisses
answer? i guess you thought about question Emotion: wink
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Lech Wallesca and his solidarnosc movement. Am I right ?
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