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i know that a lot of workers in our factory's come from Poland, there aren't enough of dutch workers for these kind of simple hard jobs (we dutch people are too demanding) and people from Poland want to work hard, don't complain and get paid very very little...

i don't think this is right but i just can't help it.. does this happen in other country's as well?
I thougt about question, sorry Emotion: wink

Yes, Lech Wałęsa is probably the most famous person from Poland. He was our president and leader of Solidarność. Emotion: smile

Floxflow, I think the same but in our country people who workin hard have more little salary. Now I'm studing. However when I'll finish it I will stay in Poland. Too many people are abroad. And I'm sorry that I'm writing with errors because I still lear English . Emotion: wink take care
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ok, i was wondering, do these factoryworkers from poland go to country's like england, germany or france as well or is it just holland?
Floxflowok, i was wondering, do these factoryworkers from poland go to country's like england, germany or france as well or is it just holland?
No, its very much the same here. We have loads of Poles in England, most of which work in factories amongst other job areas.
As somebody else has already written the situation for Polish people is not good considering their salaries and many times their work is not even respected by their employersEmotion: sad I think you'd be pretty amazed by the fact how many people who work in factories or as a cleaning person graduated from university and have MA. Money is not so important in life, but when it comes to pay your bills or look after your children you want to have it a little bit more... That's why so many of Poles emigrate to UK, Holland, and other European countries. Also, it is quite sad that many of them do the 'not demanding' jobs, but I think they are not so self-confident about their qualifications or language.
Personally, I am doing two faculties right now and you know what... I'm afraid of not being able to find any job in the futureEmotion: sad Well, I will try... Emotion: smile

from Poland of courseEmotion: big smile

P.S. My country is a wonderful place for having good time during vacations. We have the most gorgeous forests/mountains and the seaside is quite nice but everything depends on weatherEmotion: sad If you love sightseeing you can visit Cracow or Warsaw or Wroclaw - these cities are the most beautiful ones in Poland because of their ancient architecture.
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I just know two or three things about Poland. First , This country was attacked by German army during World War II . Second , The Ex - Pope came from poland .
And last one ,This country is located in europe . I have no other ideas about poland , like people , food , culture , etc .
Of course i know Poland - i am from Lithuania.
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It is a great country with even greater people!
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