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I think is the most religious country in Europe, has many nice historical buildings and many online businesses.
Hello Johanne,
I'm a bit surprised with what you think and observed in Poland. Generally, I had the impression that you didn't like this country. Maybe, as you said it was because of the fact that you were tired and you travelled in a cramped bus. Our country is, actually, very flat but there are many beautiful places: mountains, rivers, valleys - it's a pity you didn't have more time to get to know our country better - I hope you will have a chance to do it Emotion: smile and I didn't know we've got so many concentration camps - I knew only about Auschwitz and Treblinka and I have never seen any of them. A guide talking as if he was reading the telephone book? - maybe because he does it 20 times a day, five days a week, 10 months a year. But I agree - listening to a guide in Poland is always boring.

Welcome to Poland once again to know it better - hope you will meet nice people and interesting places. Bye!
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Poland is a beautiful country and has rich and fascinating history.

On Sunday, 1st August we will celebrate the 66th anniversary of Warsaw Uprising

Here are some documentaries about Warsaw Uprising 1944

The CNN's documentary about Warsaw Uprising 1944


TIMEWATCH - Battle for Warsaw


Sabaton - Uprising (video clip)

City of ruins - 3D reconstruction (trailer)
you can see the full film in The Warsaw Uprising Museum i Warsaw
i think Poland is a rising country from years of war but in General polish people are very friendly
Bullshit, the things that are happening in there, makes me want to cry. The country is beautiful indeed, but parasites living in there... not so much. It feels for me, as if the Poland´s history was beiing tainted right now. Good people are afraid becoming politics in that country. If it doesn´t change, it soon enough will be annihilated.
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I'm from Polish. I've heard stories of Englishmen who have tried our Polish immigrant brothers and sisters learn to use the washing machine. Do you really think so? We are not so backward:)

Sorry for mistakes(?), but i use a google translate Emotion: smile
First of all I know that is my country because I'm polish and I'm proud of that!!!!
For me is a very big suprise!!!!! People you're awesome, I've always think that foreign people think about poles in bad way, but here I realize that is not true.
Poland is very beautiful country, just like I think Ewelina wrote we have mountains and sea, in summer is very hot to 35 degrees and in winter is -20 degrees Emotion: big smile Hah I know is very big difference but is fun! Now we have winter, soon will be Christmast and is a lot of snow Emotion: big smile
Thank for warm words about Poland!!!!! Visit !!!!!
Pop from from POland isnt "ex" . he is dead! Pope John Paul II was definitely one of the greatest Popes in history and dont use "ex".
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I like some death metal band from Poland. They're great!
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