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But when I read "How the steel was tempered" by Nikolai Ostrovsky, he used the phrase "white Polish" as an evil force.
'Jeden Polak to istny czar, dwóch Polaków – to awantura, trzech Polaków – och, to już jest polski problem.'

One Pole - charming one
two Poles - an argument
three Poles - it is a serious polish problem

'Polacy są zawsze gotowi oddać życie za wolność, z której nie umieją skorzystać.'
Ryszard Nowosielski

Poles are always ready to give their lives for freedom, but they cannot use it.

'Polacy są wspaniałym narodem i bezwartościowym społeczeństwem.'
Cyprian Kamil Norwid

Poles are the great nation and a useless society.

There is also one joke which describes Poles and I think that this description gives a true impression about us:

A visitation in hell:
a pot with Americans: devils were preventing Americans from escape, Americans where trying all methods to get out of a pot.
A pot with Germans: Germans were counting 'ein zwei drei UP' and devil was using a fork to stop them.
But.. there was no devil near a pot with Poles, a visitator asked 'Why there are no gaurds here?'
'Because if one of them is trying to escape, the rest bring him down immidiately'

I hope that no Poles were offended by me, I'm one of them
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Hi Joanna,
I am doing a project about Chelm for school and can not find much information about the town now (2011). Can you tell me a bit about the people who live there, the customs, land, languages spoken and pastimes?
Hi, I'm from Poland so I know what I'm talking about Emotion: smile I don't think that Poland is the most religious country in Europe. Maybe the old generation but young people more often declare to be atheists as in other european countries. And of course we have many nice historical buildings:) and modern too especially in the capital of Poland- Warsaw
Poland is a beautiful country and Polish People are friendly and nice. Polish womenare beautiful Emotion: smile Life in big cities doesn't really differ from life in other european cities because of the fact that Poland is in European Union and the pervasive globalization. Young people are educated and know english well. The level of higher education is high, especially such fields of study like medicine,IT or achitecture. It'scivilized and european country. Maybe it has economic problems but many european countries have them too. Poland has rich history, polish ancestors were really brave. Poland has also beautiful culture e.g. music, literature. I made a year-lasting erasmus programme there and I'm really in love with this country and people and I can't wait to get back there.

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Pop from from POland isnt "ex" . he is dead! Pope John Paul II was definitely one of the greatest Popes in history and dont use "ex".

As a Polish man I will not agree with you Emotion: smile But It's only my opinion

Poland such a very interesting place. I am currently live in Poland and it is one of the best countries for visitors.. I was thinking of teaching in...
You're right, but it's Lech Wałęsa (I know such names are hard for non-polish speakers) Emotion: wink
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Im from Poland, Warsaw and speak a little english but good in russian because its brothers language and easy to learn for us
Greetings to all who love Poland:))
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