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But if we were talking about Polish existance on the map, we would have to deduct 123 years.
Hi, I am from Mexico

I like Polonad, it is a bueautiful country nice people, beautiful women, and it looks very much like Mexico. At the same time it is a very poor country comparing it with other European countries. When I was in Poland I felt like in Mexico. Saludos!!!!
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Not in the past. Still is called Rzeczpospolita Polska Emotion: smile
This is interesting fact
I believe there's sth you should know. Auschwitz is in Poland indeed, but it weren't Polish who wanted it. It was during the 2nd World War when Germany just got control over Poland and decided to build it there. But there were many Polish also dying there. Gdansk and Warsaw were completely destroyed. So if You are interested in WW2, it's good for You to remember that. So just remember nothing like polish concentration camps exists. It was Hitler's idea. Built in Poland, but many polish people died there, under control of German.. It's quite terrible that not many people know that now.
And if you visit Poland, come to Gdansk, it's very beautiful city. Emotion: smile
Wałęsa Emotion: smile yes, you are. It's connected to Gdansk.
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and now it called Reczpospolita Polska ("Rech Pospolitya Poland" (wahat mean: the republic of Poland)) Emotion: big smile
Poland have the most beautiful women's in the world!
Go search wife there!
It's Wałęsa (Walesa without polish letters) actually. ^^ But yeah, you're right. ^^
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yes, you right Emotion: smile
Lech Wałęsa Emotion: big smile
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