What do you know and think about Poland??
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Hi in the past it called "Rech Pospolitaya"!
I know that Poland lies in the center of Europe. It has been through wars many times before it regained its independence. The capital is Warsaw, and the language spoken there is the Polish language.
I have some good pen-friends who are Poles. I hope you will be another good friend of mine, too.
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Loved Zakopani{???}. Went on a horse drawn trip round the mountains. Had a marvellous three days with two of my students who decided to get married. The celebrations went on and on.
Sounds like a pretty interesting place. I am currently doing a TEFL course and Poland is one of the countries I was thinking of teaching in.
Poland is a very nice place and the people are really friendly. I spent a few days in Krakow several years ago and I was delighted at tha Polish hospitability. I live in Hungary which is also situated in Central Europe so I know a lot about Poland. Best wishes Evelyne
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hi Evelyne
since I've been in the US I have never met so many polish guys!!!
I've never been in Poland, and the first picture that comes to my mind is Auschwitz. I've always been deeply interested in WW2, and I know it is a dark memory but unfortunately that is the first thing that comes to me.
I think of Poland as a country with a long and rich history, but unfortunately I have more pictures than real knowledge about this country.
I hope one day, back in Europe, I will be able to go there. the polish guys here talk with so much warmth about their country.
Now it is time for me to tell you the only polish word i know: dzien dobry, which I believe means good morning.
Hi !

My name's Joanna .I'm from Poland . I live in small town-Chełm , it is near Lublin .Poland is beatiful and interesting country. We have got a sea -"Bałtyk ", mountains and lake (everywhere). I love my country and famous polish people ,like Jan Paweł II , music stars -like Sistars or K44 . I like UK but Poland is the best , so come to the wanderful country - Poland ! ( My english is not good ,no is very bad !!! hihihih)
Some people in Poland don't know Sistars or K44 huh.

Regards from Lublin
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