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In fact Saudi Arabia, as to us the Muslim world is beyond any criticism .This is of course has to do with both its culture as well as its people.The only thing the western world think of Saudi Arabia is that it is a refuge to the terrorists and the isurgents which is complrtely wrong to say that about the purest land over the world .So you as Saudi have to be proud of your country.......your father Hayatou krama from Mauritania.
Feras ShahbiActually, there is no real religion freedom in whole the world

even in western countries .. some religions treated by unrespect or unfair ..

I agree 100%, not all religions but the most of them.


Yeah, really beautiful places!
And someday I'll buy a curved sword from Saudi Arabia! The best blade made in the world =]

I'll put some pics from Brazil, places that I came sometimes ^^
See you!
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Mukesh Singhnice

thank you so much Mukesh Singh..

Here new pics from Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Millions of people pray in (Alharam mosque) .. one of my best sights


Qaiba mosque

[url=http://www.0zz0.com ][/url]

From Jeddah city

[url=http://www.0zz0.com ][/url]

From Albaha


I will put more pics

Bruno put your pics

I'm interesting in it
I'm really so proud of my country and I know how it spiritual value for Muslims because of holy places..

I agree with you Hayatokram that the western world have completly wrong ideas about Saudi Arabia

terrorisem doesn't belong to a groub of people or belong to nation or religion

In everyplace around world and through out the history there is terrorisem

have a nice day friend
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your country is distinctive and very beautiful!!!

Right Bruno, the best blade made in Saudi Arabia

[url=http://www.0zz0.com ][/url]

[url=http://www.0zz0.com ][/url]

hey man
I'm waiting your pics from Brazil that you came sometimes

see you
todayfy your country is distinctive and very beautiful!!!

I appreciate your reply
dear todayfy ..

I hope you visit my country someday ..

who knows?!
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Wow, Thanks for the photos Fares they are beautiful. It is hard to describe such beauty in words.

Eid Mubarak to you and your family
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