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I have learned alot about Islam. I also know that when I was in Saudi Arabia the people themselves they were very very polite. I also have been told that true muslims behave this way. I also know that there are some places throughout the world where muslims and christians live together in peace.

I do not want to turn this into a religious discussion because that was not the intent on this post on Saudi Arabia.

But I also know that some muslims believe it is their duty to spread islam to the rest of the world

(This an okay Idea, we christians believe the same, however people must choose on their own free will to become christians. We do not belive it is acceptable to force anyone into christianity. We also do not believe it is acceptable to try and take over another country just to make them christians. There have been times in the past 1000 years where christianity was forced apon different people. This was wrong. No where in the Bible does it allow christians to force their religion apon any other gro)

I also know some muslims believe it is their duty to establish a world wide Caliphe and to establish world wide sharia law.
(This concept is what makes christians and many governments to view Islam as a dangerous threat to the world).

I mean no disrespect to anyone reading this, but this is how christians feel about the subject.
as you said my frind it is not a religious diacussion
Super-DaveBut I also know that some muslims believe it is their duty to spread islam to the rest of the world
but that was as you said 100 years ago whan no one knew about islam

and they didnt force people to be muslims first they send messengers to tell about the message if they refuse they have to bay money or teach muslims how to read and write

and its not our duty to establish the world.....you got wrong idia and i can see where you got that from

you know just watch the movie"the message" it will explain more

i hope you engoy your time in saudi arabia
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I would say this is a wonderful contry to live in the middle east if you were a sunni muslim, However if you are not a sunni muslim this place will probably not be that great for you.

I am a christian and from the United States. Because I believe in Freedom of religion and Freedom of speech, I hated every moment I was in Saudi Arabia.



well friend Super Dave

what you said expressing your own viewpoint and I completly respect it ( cause a lot of people around the world thinks the same way) but not agree with you

Do you know that pure fact :

( For every nation its own customs and thoughts .. no nation can completly change other nation )

this is explain everything

you knows

I have so many lovely christians friends .. some of them working here in Saudi Arabia, some of them I contact with' em via Internet .. we sharing the beautifull things and you super dave

you are nice person to know
I mean Im muslim suni and I fallow prophit mohamad and he told us to respect the religons

Darling Noura44

Thats Islamic vision to the other religions .. respect ' em but not believe' em

When we talk about Saudi Arabia the religious disscussions should be there

thats because the wrong thoughts about Saudi Arabia come from the wrong thoughts about


Friend Nour thank you so much for your disscussion with our American frined Super_Dave

Hi everybody

I lived in beautifull small region in the southwestern of Saudi Arabia (KSA) called Rijal Almaa

It does not looks like big cities as Jeddah and AlRiyadh..

Rijal Almaa The village of Rijal Almaa is located in the Tehama part of the Aseer Province. It is 45km west of the tourist city of Abha. The village is only 500 m from the main road that connects the city of Mahayel Aseer and Darb Bani Shubah. It is located near other tourist sights in Abha. It was the capital of the principality of Hala during the reign of Mossa al Kenani in 732 H. 50,000 tourists a year visit this locale. The village is famous for the Assouda Tourist Cable Car that descends from the heights of Assouda Mountains to an area near the village. High stone buildings that often reach to 7 stories characterize the architectural legacy of the area. The buildings, along with the mountainous nature of the surrounding environment, form a fascinating picture. This picture reflects the culture of the local society and the impressive architecture.

watch this you tupe about Rijal Almaa

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Hello ... I want to comment on some words, such as the vintage, orthe man does not speak with each other!! Lol Did you know that this is from many years ago!!!!
But now there is open and Culture .... and I will put some picturesEmotion: smile

(((((Will lift the nearly 18 images from tourism professionals andsubject matter)))))

Emotion: big smile Emotion: big smile

It's not only a country but realy more than that in the sence of ideological revolution for the welfare of humanbings. i like it and love it. I did'nt see the sandy lands that can be recognised more precious than that of gold.Gold can be consedered not more than a possession that can give a man only worldly happiness but the touch and influence of the Arab can give a man a positive psychological change that can never be perchased by gold. It's the coutry of my most beloved prophet Muhammad sallallagu alaihi wa sallam the greatest leader of the world. My earnest desire is to go to the country in no late.
Assalamualaikum brother,, im Quraysh a purely Saudi ,,,, now dont live in Saudi......im really happy after seeing such a beautiful pics...........ALLAH bless you akhi
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U know they were the stupidest country because they r killing yemanes, they killed many visitors in Haj and I have nothing to say about their culture, the country that decrease it's it's oil prices to force it's neighborhoods and the result is itselfs bankruptcy so is there any other words to say?
They r peaceless I don't respect their government
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