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Saudi Arabia doesn't have a great reputation around the world. The only things that people normally hear about it in international media are oil and religious extremism.
hello brother, thx for giving your opinion, I am from Jeddah ksa and we are not killing the yemanes, we are helping them...
there is a group called the houthis which want to take over yeman and it is helped by the iranis..
Another thing is supporting terrorism WILL GET YOU A LIFETIME ARREST if caught and it is completely against terrorism
plus terrorism is completely opposite of true islam, if a muslim kills another human being he is no longer a muslim, at war a muslim shouldn't kill women or kids or even cut a tree (cutting a tree down is a small sin) only fight the opposing soldiers , the government do everything to stop terrorist and help the poverty

btw I'm Saudi and my origin is Saudi arabia
also a message to all people
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I'm so happy to see you tell the people about Saudi Arabia.

If you need any help lat me know


Hmm, well, what can I say... This country has very strict rules and traditions since all the people there are Muslim. They way they treat girls and women is just so terrible, their rights are too restricted there. And I think that modern women should have equal rights like all men, and Saudi Arabia isn't an exception. Also, it's too hot there and it's a very rich country (thanks to their oil resources), so it's definitely not a good place to live of you're a poor tourist.