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I mean SEAN PENN:)

He is a american actor. some films: 21 grams,I am sam, september 11, The thin red line... and last his movie Interpreter with Nicole Kidman
Oh I see, sorry, I thought you meant the English actor Sean Bean.Emotion: big smile
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Emotion: smileWhat do you think about him?
Though Sean Penn is not one of my favourite actors, I find him very talented. He is undoubtedly a very good actor!
I like him. maybe he is not famous but he is very good actor and also very talented.

Emotion: smileI agree
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i prefer sean paul;)
Although you are arguing about the spelling of the famous actor's name, I am still sure that what you are talking about is the main actor in I am Sam. If my memory doesn't make a mistake, He also acts in the Rainman as the older brother. These two movies belong to the same kind in my eye. Maybe I can name them emotional one. I was genuinely touched by these two god-given film when I was a senior in the University. Our expatriate teacher introduced them to us. Most majority of my classmates bursted into tears after enjoying them. They are not a noisy one.but just let the true passion flow out tranquilly. However, just the true feeling that the director want to show us grasp the audience tightly. The real feeling towards the love and the life is the everlasting topic of the people in the world.
I am sorry that I wrote wrong before. I mean Sean Penn:)

21 garms

I am sam

The interpreter....
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