Hello! I would love to know what do you think about the Swiss people.

I know it is difficult to generalize, but would there be, in the US, relatively common views on the Swiss people? Or have you just never thought anything specific about Switzerland to this day? :-)

Thank you!

Ana Machadohave you just never thought anything specific about Switzerland to this day?

As an expatriate American in Japan since 1990, I have never thought specifically about the character of the Swiss people. I know that they are multilingual, independent-minded, and level-headed bankers, watchmakers and cheese makers. I know that they are deprived of the sea, a tragic flaw. I don't believe that I have ever met a Switzer, so I guess that they are not frequent travellers. I would trust one as an objective, fundamentally honest person.

oh, the sea... my hometown is Rio (de Janeiro) so, yes, how do I know about this Swiss tragic flaw :-)

You certainly do not have this problem in Japan! I love this country and culture as well.

Thank you for your answer, Mr Micawber.

I'm about to join a small business with American/British friends and the other day we were talking about how American customers would see me. At some point they were kidding that I should just introduce myself as a Brazilian lol ok, but why? I'm in the creative business (not banking nor watches) When I found this topic in the Forum, I did not think twice before posting.

It is no surprise that Switzerland is really not a great topic for discussion :-) While I agree that an American customer would be willing to trust a Swiss brand or professional, I wonder if when I give him/her my contact info that he/she would be a bit disappointed (I work online). I know that Americans are very protective with their domestic industries (American made proud :-), but, when they go international, are they more happy to interact with specific cultures? I always had an idea, for instance, that Americans are not thrilled to deal with the French. What about the Swiss? (what a complex question, I'm sorry for that!)