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Visited Ankara and Istanbul a few years ago . Had a lovely boat trip along the Bosphorus. Met some agents and had an enjoyable few days.
I was in Turky two times and I thing that I will be also this summer . I love turkish tradition and music and od cours peope they are realy friendlyEmotion: smile
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i am turk !!

I am from ankara (capital of tr) =))

Alicja said that she loved turkish tradition and music..
It is very good. i love itEmotion: wink
turkish music is more different than other music... (but i dont talk about popular music.. i talk about ethnic music or folk songs)
Two Turkish students have just walked into my school. Enjoyed a lovely trip down the Bosphorus. Your excellent meat dish with red looking sauce. Stayed in Ankara and Istanbul. Flights were awkward arrived at 5.30 AM.
What do I think about the Turkish ?
Well... I'm not Turkish... am from France... and I have never been to Turkey but the less I could say is... Sana tekrarlamadim ben ! yaaaaaaaa ! Neden ??? Özürdilerim amma ben fransizim !!! OUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!

Private Franco-Turkish joke... sorry guys...

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Hi I think it has nice nature, also I like listening to turkish music.
I have read some about people who have visited Turkey and how the people there were very mean. The visitors were British and the turkish people yelled vulgar remarks at them and spat at them. The visitors had to leave because they were afraid of the Turkish people, so I would not like to visit there. I think they hate the British and the Americans from what I have read in the past.
I've been to Turkey last summer holiday and I think the country is very beautiful. All the people I met there was very nice and tried to speak with us, even the only things they could say in French was " France? Paris? Tour Eiffel?? Speak english???".
What I remember the most is that people made great efforts to show they were nice people and a cool country to go on vacation.
Juste one thing that surprised me in a bad way is that in the majority of the places I visited, they were different prices for Turkish people and foreigners...and the difference was hudge!!!

For all the people who wants to go there, these days euros are prefered to dollars...So keep it in mind. Emotion: wink
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I know that their men are very good in cooking, and I prefer it very much. mmmm I know also that they are beautiful.
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