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The history is just history. It's past. Just let it go. OK?? I don't think it's neccessary to clarify and argue about so-called fact or truth-----the FACT or TRUTH that differs entirely in different mouths of different politicians, different countries, even the same country in different times! Have you ever seen the Japanese movie 《羅生門》(Rashomon)?A single crime has 5 totoally different statements of 5 people. Is it ironic? But in the real life, it's the same. Everybody just talked about his or her own truth, especially when it comes to the political issues. Because of the propaganda, because of the enviroment in which you grown up and the education you obtained, you certainlly trust your country and the culture and it's ideology. People in Turkey trust Turky, American people trust America. That's it! Politics is dirty! Also history is dirty, filling with lies. Then what was really going on at that time, who knows? Perhaps only God kowns or Allah kowns.

I majored in history when I was in senior high school. I dreamed of studying history in university and being a historian in the future. But now I get tried, really really tried of such cases. Since nobody can tell me the ONLY truth.

So let's dump the goddamn genocide into dust-bin! Don't talk about that kind of unpleasant topic again. Shall we? We are here for fun, for making friends, for loose. That's my suggestion. Thanx buddy!
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I'll tell you what....

Ive visited Turkey before, and found the people fascinating, lovely, interesting, and the food, culture and dance delightfull,
and it was one of my favourite holiday destinations ever...

That said this continual refusal to accept the historical genocide of the Amermenians I find disttastefull and wrong.
Heck the British government of the time wrote a 677 page book documenting the attrocities,
the then-US government condemned it - and the EU & Franch parliments condemned it recently,
there is even photographic evidence from the time, and every honest historian (with one exception in the US - from a Turkish government sponsored researcher) who has examined the evidence has come to the same conclusion.
Oh - and the Turkish government when the "opened" their archives refused access to many of the incriminating documents.

That the Turks systematically and brutally masacred betweek 800,000 and 1,500,000 Armenians is a historical fact.
No honest reading of history can lead otherwise, and is pure Turkish nationalist claptrap.

PS Ive also visited Northern Cyprus, where the history on both sides is much more checkered,
(there were definetly some small-scale Greek masacres conducted prior to the Turkish invasion)
although I was willing to forgive the both sides for their part in it
(although the desecration of Greek churches is pretty dissapointing to see - and that only happened in the 70s.)

If Amermenia is still an example of modern day Turkish nationlism, then to be quite frank Im not sure I want to revisit your country again until you've at least aknowledged that this dark event occured...

Grow up as a nation, acknowledge your past, many countries have skeletons in our closets (although thankfully most are not on anything like this scale), feel the pain and embarassement and move on...

No - history has truth in it, you simply need to use your brain - look into the actual research or into unbiased accounts and find the truth...

PS While Ive not seen "Rashomon" - when there is one murder, people's interprestation of the murder can surely differ...
when there is 1,000,000 murders of Civilians, then thats Genocide - and it should have been punished by international law.

That it didnt is itself a crime..

PS I notice you are from Japan - care to comment on how many Chinese civilians your country killed in WW2?
Or on how you treated foreign prisoners?
The facts there are also quite clear...and actually makes the Armenian genocide look small (by sheer numbers, not proportions).

"the Japanese also engaged in mass killings; millions of Asian civilians and Allied POWs were killed by its military and/or used as forced labour . The most notorious atrocities occurred in China, including the slaughter of almost half a million Chinese during the Nanjing Massacre and Unit 731 's experiments with biological warfare in Manchuria , with a view to killing a large part of the Chinese population. Japanese war crimes also included rape, pillage, murder, cannibalism and forcing female civilians to become sex slaves , known as "comfort women ""

I think the total number of civlians that died due to the Japanese during WW2 was something like 10,000,000 (although the exact figure is probably +- 20%)

PS The facts there speak for themselves - or are you also from the "it didnt happen" part of history..??
(Ağzı olan konuşuyor..Bilip bilmeden gelip yazıyorlar, yazanların hiçbiride Ermenistanda oturmuyor ..Çıldırmamak elde değil.Türklerden ricam buraya bu adamlara cevap yazmamaları..)

I say my last words about this subject.(Only tragedy, not massacre and genocide)..Still you want argue about this subject you can argue it at Controversial subjects
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Turkish people are like other people who live in a warm climate.. it is quite strange but all people from south are evry friendly and very cute... turkish also...
i love my Country & Folks.. wondering who are Turkish here?
Turkey is a beautiful country-I was just there! Also, the Turkish people were friendly enough, rather unspoiled by materialism and attitude. But there is a terrible rumor, I understand, that many Turkish men and boys think that western women come to Turkey for immorality-I understand that some might, but, goodness, we sure didn't go for that! We came to see your lovely country and people, and we suceeded. One thing I wanted to do, which I understand is against the law in Turkey, is to speak to the very old Turks about their memories of 1922 and before, when the genocides happened. I wanted to hear their thoughts about the people who once lived side by side and were killed by the Young Turks. Memory Eternal to them.
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I just casted an eye over the existing posts and I had a general idea of what it is and what it is not. As a Turk, I can tell you that Turkey is a good option if you want a historical trip and also a holiday which exists of sun, sea, beach. People are friendly here, we don't have anything against anyone, (hating individuals for basical reasons is O.K, though) It's already not logical to blame a whole nation for past issues, but if you insist on that, I'd advise you to get a ouija board and ask it to the Ottoman guys, cause we're no longer. Anyway. This is not harmony. I needed to tell those cause I'm pretty tired of Armenians trying to give us a bad name, I feel like they have too much time to spare on crap things. If you guys have any questions about Turkey, I'll gladly help you as much as I can.

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