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Turkey is quite beautiful Nd everything but most of their people are mean , racist Nd nervous . They don’t like foreigners im working in Istanbul Nd I am suffering a lot Emotion: sad
Try communicating wth the religious people. They are more tolerant, talkable, assistive and humble than the others and are more conscious and respectful of the rights of other races
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It’s a name of a Turkish football team .

Well, I am happy that I am a Turkish but there are a lot of stupid people here. Turkey's got a lot of issues right now, like for example, economy, refugees, education system. Those are just three.

Overall, Turkey is a quite beautiful country and I highly recommend you to visit here in case you get a chance! And if you are a football fan, must watch an important match here and see how crazy supporters are. I'd say Fenerbahçe - Galatasaray to watch since it's the most important and entertaining match here. And also, don't forget to eat Kebab in case you come to Adana, which is my city. Personally, I love Kebab much, wish I had a chance to eat it every time I want.

That's all from me about Turkey, feel free to ask me anything about Turkey.

Hi Marcianna,

It's quite different situation because some Turkish people change when they have gone to another country, in Turkey there are many uneducated people but mostly they are hospitable and helpful. Example, i like helping foreigners i have lots of friends from Russia and all over the Europe

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I like their exotic food and people people, I like their women cover their head and belly dance to their husbands in their sacred rooms like 1001 nights.I like to take trip to their mosques and desert.Like to take flying carpet trip and ride on a camel to freely gallop around the Turkish desert!