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hello Emotion: smile
naber:) hehe well i am interested in Turkiye n i think i know quite a lot bout ur land Emotion: smile
n have maaaany different opinions bout ur land, in general i think u are nice ppl Emotion: smile
Emotion: angry i dont know waht its about, turkish boys are rreally controlin, dont let there girlfriends out or do whatever they want, why is that?
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Hi Tammy I'm Turkish Guy but live in Switzerland, I'm very happy to see that some poeple over the world are interested on Turkey. If you want, I can send to you, some great pictures of Istanbul and Turkey as well. If you want, you can contact with mail also <removed mod; please register, then write it in your profile, thanks!>

I wish you a nice weekend

Greets Metin from Switzerland
i used to appreciate turkey but when i knew it's people i changed my idea,all turkish people that i knew have bad behave and are impolite .....am sprry for the term but u asked for reply.
Dear friends,

Im turkish guy who live and work in USA . Actually i have no clue why you guys generally judging turkish people? I mean i have been lot of countries every country has their own problems.. you can not say this or that country is perfect... as i said i live in USa but here people just live their own life.. one never help another... if you die in the middle of the road they do not give a shoot...

Some people say that In germany many turks like bla bla...

They are not real turks ok? coz that they grew up with germany culture.. they are german not rea turkish... and actually why is happened... in 1960 lot of turkish people moved to germany for work and live there... those guys were unemployed also uneducated people... and they tried earn their own life...

i dunno how many of you know about turkish school all around the world... and have yu ever met those people if not you should...

Ottoman empire justice were great.. Ottoman Empire have them to live for free i mean they lived their relagion, did not they?

Some people say that Ottoman empire killed armenians ... it's totally lie.. it's impossible they are just politics... that's correct There was War if Turks killed armeniasns they killled turks .. it's war.. But they talkin about it is just their dream to defamation.. that's it...

Nowadays, israil soldiers killing everyday 100s people... why any country never warn them to do not do that!!!

Because there are benifits for any these poweful countries...

Don't believe what you heard... just research it!! Find it and read it....

warm regards

Turkish Guy!

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First like to say i am Turkish and proud to be. The Ottomans where not turks. In that time it was a mixture of greeks, armenians, arabs,... and with the rule and majority of the turks but it was called generally Ottomans. In this world there is no civilasation like the turks these people never harmed another without a cause. They all are people who love this world and each person on this globe. But do not try to cause them harm or they will strike back and they will strike back hard. About the armenian genocide isn't there much to say . Thelling the people that there wase a problem in the ottoman empire is wrong and trying to say that turkey should recognize the genocide for something that never happend and didnt happen in turkey or by turkish goverment cause turkey is just 85 years old while that happend in the ottoman empire.But still no such thing has happend. In no other empire in the world has been peace for so much time if you can say like the problem now in isreal it wasn't there at the time cause the turks ruled the lands. Still i can't believe that the turks have a bad image in the world. But many centuries our people had enemies, while we had the opppurtunities to destroy them all the ottomans or partially turks didnt do anything and if you ask why is that they are not a people who like to see blood or to see people die. Today the country TURKEY wouldnt be there if it wasnt for ATATÜRK the father of all turks cause he is the one who saved the country after the fall of the ottoman empire. All the enemies became allies with eachother and we still stoud our grounds. I could say that The TURKS today are the worlds Supiriour race. In every way from giving to loving to ...
hey i m turkish and an half bulgarian...

turkish people luv the foreigns.even armenians!

the discrimation,racism is just a stupid lie!

turkish people luv u and bulgarians tooEmotion: wink
Emotion: wink
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Both Merve and Dj are lovely... Emotion: smile
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