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Thanks.. By the way my name is Gökçe Emotion: smile (maybe you already know)
Yes, of course I do, but everyone here calls you Dj... Emotion: smile
Teachers: We supply a list of EFL job vacancies
Emotion: smile But I prefer "DjB"..
OK then, DjB... Emotion: smile

Emotion: wink
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Nowadays, israil soldiers killing everyday 100s people... why any country never warn them to do not do that!!!

ha?? we???? killing everyday 100s people? you don't know what are you talking about!

"why any country never warn them" ha! why any country never warn Americans when they droped a bombs with their "smart bomb " over innocent civilians,in mistake ? why any country never condem them about the fence they build to stop they immigrants from mexico? at least those mexicans are coming to work, in Israel they palestinians are coming to kill Emotion: stick out tongue

eorupe always condem us about the fence we build, and what with their fences in mallila and sueta, somewhere in morroco to stop immigrants? they are always talking and talking, they afraid from the muslims Emotion: stick out tongue.

and about turkey: great poeple, great food, national pride

Emotion: big smile
our fathers killed a lot of people but all the races killed right?and now we luv everyone in the world...Emotion: smile

and bulgarians luv too:P
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YOU ARE NAIVE Emotion: wink
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