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what about?
My Turkish friend, everyone kills everyone it's true, but it's doesn't means that poeple will forgive and forget.
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but it just a backward thinking. and so what?

we all hate racism terorism and if noone forget the past the f.cking violence is gonna continue...

we should forget.we are the people living in the world together and we should stop the terorism.
I don't forget, I don't forgive to the Germans for what they did do to my poeple.

but, I have rescpect for Germans, I don't hate them, I don't look at them as a Germans, only as a poeple,

i can't hate 82 millions Germans, so I can live with them without forget and forgive, forget it's wrong, they did too much crimes.

i'm agree that we should live togheter, but I don't have to love you, I have to respect you and no matter what are you and where are you coming from.

don't let to the past be apart of what you are in the future.
OK u r right !we cant forgive adorf hitler but its not crime of the germans who live in this time...

i bet they dont pride of their past...!

but it's not crime of them.we cant accuse the people of their past...
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Ville_maddengurlour fathers killed a lot of people but all the races killed right?and now we luv everyone in the world...Emotion: smile

and bulgarians luv too:P

What you mean your fathers killed lot of people??

have u ever read history books??

i recommend you that read little bit history books... ok?
ah OK![Y]
I didn't say that the Germans today are guilty Emotion: wink

I just said that i'm not forgive,not forget.

I have no problem to speak with German or anyone else. have a happy yeni yil :-w
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dear friends,

We can read history but you should know that can't judge people who are innocents ... I hate people who judging others due to history or past....

I hate hitler coz he was dork ... killed a lot of people... i know that and felt it with whole my heart...For me Hitler is nothing .. what he did should not effect to german people... Because they have no clue about it either...

SOme armenians guys to assert that Turkish people genocided their ancestors!! it's freaking lie ... it's just for political ... There was a war over there ... They destroyed my granpa's family members

they are just working on heckin lie .... that's it !! who believe that shoot huh?

Turkish people respect all other relagions and cultures ... I never seen a nation which so help others and close eachother as turkish people...!!

i have been at least 10 countries...!! just think about it...!! Turkey is the dream country , you can not describe it by words , you should live and feel it...

warm regards
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