This forum is so good. do you know turkey and what do you think about us? i'm really curious about.

Do you want come to turkey? Do you want see our mosques,our palace?
What do you know Ottoman empire?

I'm waiting your answers... See you later
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Hi I'm from Turkey. you can ask everything about Turkey whatever you want to learnEmotion: smile
I do not know much about turkey, but I love traditional turkish music and dances 9 i used to learn them), and i love turkish food.
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I would love traveling to Turkey! Mainly because of its history. Although I know very few about the Ottoman Empire, I'm more interested about the Roman era. If I'm not mistaken, Istambul was the capital of the Oriental Roman Empire... I just can't imagine how excited I would become if I could travel there.
i love the turkish people and am concidering moving their, but r they being honest?
I don't know a whole lot regarding Turkey or its people; however, my grandfather is the son of Armenian immigrants, and so there is a lot of resentment of the Turks within my family. My great-grandparents (the Armenian immigrants) both suffered greatly at the hands of the Ottoman Turks during their attempted genocide of the Armenians in the two or three decades leading up to World War I. My great-grandfather witnessed his parents and older sister being slaughtered by Turks in broad daylight when he was 6 years old. In fairness, the only reason he was spared was because a Turkish woman took pity on him and hid him under her skirt. He would eventually immigrate to the United States when he was in his early twenties. My great-grandmother was forced to become a mistress to a Turkish army officer in exchange for the lives of her and her family (although her father was not spared), before she too immigrated.

The present resentment felt by members of my family (and many Armenians around the world), stems largely from the Turkish goverment's continued refusal to acknowledge their attempted genocide. There is a famous quote by Adolf Hitler in response to a question about how the world would view the Holocaust, his response was something along the lines of, "Who remembers the Armenians?"

Personally, I bear no hatred for Turkey or the Turks, but am surrounded much of the time by people who do. Also, I am a "mutt" of sorts and do not characterize myself as an Armenian or even Armenian-American. As far as my heritage goes, I'm only a quarter Armenian, with the rest a combination of German, Dutch, Scottish, Irish, and English.
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I strongly recommend you to listen to Burhan Ocal's CD named Gypsy Rum for a good example of Turkish dance music. You can find it above address...

hi ...i would like to know wat ur name means? Fenerbahceli........?
Hi. Fenerbahçe is the biggest soccer team of Turkey, and I support it. So my nick name is "Fenerbahçeli" here.
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